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Geraint Thomas Wins Le Tour de France | The Cycling Race News Show

We’re back with the GCN Racing News Show. Coming up, after a brutal final week, the Tour de France reaches its conclusion in Paris, we’ll go through 5 talking points, and get some more really interesting insight into the power demands through TrainingPeaks. Bike racing outside of the Tour de France resumes with the men’s […]

Free Speed? Peak Up Vs Peak Down | The GCN Show Ep. 268

– From the World Airline Cycling Championship, and the British Airways Cycling Team, – [Cyclists] Welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, we settle cycling’s greatest debate, once and for all; peak up, or peak down? – It’s peak down! Down! Down! Down! (echoes) – Yeah, we also […]

Freeride Alpencross (Teil 2) 2019 – Fortsetzung und Finish

Part 2 It is 7 am here at the central station. I completely overslept this morning and woke up at 6:10. I had to get ready very fast and make a fast ride to the central station. I made it at record speed, only 25 minutes. Then I had to withdraw some cash and find […]

First Ride 2017 | + Eng Subs

…NICE to ride again I really missed that well, it’s still quite cold at this time still beginning of March but I think, it can just become better and better for the first ride of 2017, I’m not gonna improvise too much I just head to a meet point for motorcycle that should be good […]

Finding Myself On Google Street View! // Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Last time, my cycle touring mate Jiawei and I took some time off our bikes in Winslow, Arizona. We stayed with a lady called Sondra in her converted church, and Unexpectedly found ourselves flying over a meteorite crater in a Piper Cherokee. Onwards, we carried on following the route 66, and soon got ourselves a […]

5 Key Climbs Of The 2018 Tour de France | Tour de France 2018

– It’s safe to say that the Tour de France is defined by its climbs, because it’s there that the race is generally won or lost. And so, we thought we would take a look at five of the most famous, toughest and most iconic climbs along this year’s route, from some that are so […]

Let Daniel take you for a spin, Londoner #348

As you can see I just came back from school, just had a bike ride with my friends. Here’s where I live. Here is my kitchen. My dad mainly cooks right here. Here’s a snack, make sure not to tell my mum. And here’s the snacks cupboard, I don’t know why that one was left […]