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5 Rules All Cyclists Should Obey | How To Ride On The Road Safely

– Rules are there to be broken right? – In some cases yes. We at GCN are not proponent of the sometimes snobbish rules others swear by. However there are a few rules we like to stick to. – Coming up are our top rules that you should always obey. – Lets go for a […]

Would You Pay $3500 For This Bike??? [Super 73 RX]

welcome back guys. I’m really excited to get this YouTube channel up and going again for my current subscribers. Kind of explain a little bit real quick about what you can expect that as channel are going to be doing weekly videos, specifically focused around technology, lifestyle, and videography. Today’s video is about the super […]

Bike to the Future – top 5 technologies

we have a pretty good idea what the immediate future of bikes holds good what happens after that here are five technologies we’d like to see put to good use on two wheels regular carbon is old hat these days sure it’s brilliant for making those laterally stiff vertically compliant bikes we all froth over […]

GMBN’s Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails From Around The World

– Welcome to this rundown of our favourite trails in the world. Now this is a really hard thing to do, because a lot of us just really love our local trail, because you get to know every bump, rock, root, and jump there and it makes you run through it in perfect style. But […]


Today will talk about five cycling myths which is still running in our society Coming up People often say that instead of taking such expensive bicycle, I should have taken motorbike or scooter by adding some more money Guys I believe that we should take any vehicle according to our purpose and not to show […]