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The Most Confusing Things About Mountain Biking | MTB Explained

– [Narrator] Whoever said mountain biking was a simple sport, clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s definitely not just about jumping on your bike and going for a ride in the woods. Just choosing a bike can be a minefield in itself, so let’s have a look at some of the most confusing […]

10 Crazy Cool Motorcycles That Show How Creative People Can Be

It seems like everywhere you look there’s a really cool motorbike cruising by revving the engine. I’m Reacher. In this video, we’re going to show everything from a Jaguar to a Rhino as we bring you 10 of the coolest and craziest bikes found on the internet! Number Ten – Dc Shoes Surfing Bike We […]

10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mountain Biking | Progress Your Riding

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. Now, us dudes at GMBN, Doddy, Richard, Neil, Mr. Ashton and Henry and myself sat down and we came up with 10 tips and tricks that’s definitely going to make you a better rider this year. You might want to stick around. I’m going to kick it off with […]

Tesla Model Y first ride: 75% the model 3

(rock music) Hey, everybody. It’s Sean O’Kane from The Verge, and I’m here in California at Tesla’s Design Studio, which is right next to SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. We’re here for a Tesla event tonight where they’re going to unveil the Model Y. Welcome to the Tesla Design Studio. So in terms of where […]

10 Embarrassing Missteps Big Businesses Hope You’ve Forgotten

When a major corporation makes a major mistake it leads, of course, to major embarrassment, as well as the loss of significant amounts of money in all too many cases. And for some it leads to the loss of jobs. But for the rest of us, the result is usually a source of amusement. Heads […]

20 Crazy Bikes You Have to See to Believe 1

– [Samantha] From the world’s tallest bike to a bike with a flamethrower, here is our list of 20 crazy bikes. Number 20, the ice-wheeled bike. Amateur inventor Colin Furze replaced his bicycle’s wimpy rubber tires with something far more dangerous and fleeting. After making the icy bike wheels in, no surprise, the freezer, he […]