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10 Embarrassing Missteps Big Businesses Hope You’ve Forgotten

When a major corporation makes a major mistake it leads, of course, to major embarrassment, as well as the loss of significant amounts of money in all too many cases. And for some it leads to the loss of jobs. But for the rest of us, the result is usually a source of amusement. Heads […]

20 Crazy Bikes You Have to See to Believe 1

– [Samantha] From the world’s tallest bike to a bike with a flamethrower, here is our list of 20 crazy bikes. Number 20, the ice-wheeled bike. Amateur inventor Colin Furze replaced his bicycle’s wimpy rubber tires with something far more dangerous and fleeting. After making the icy bike wheels in, no surprise, the freezer, he […]

20 Crazy Bikes You Have To See To Believe 4

– [Glenn] It’s time again for some crazy bikes. And once again we looked all over. Some fold in weird ways or turn into a bike with a built in grocery cart. And we even found a bike with no seat. I’m Glenn and today we’re bringing you more crazy and unusual bikes. (upbeat music) […]

FANTASTIC!!! 7 Most Expensive Bikes in The World – 7 NEWS

7 Most Expensive Bikes in The World These bikes are expensive due to their structure, design, speed and outlook. They have been designed by keeping in view the luxury and a thrill that a driver has in his mind. Obviously, these bikes are not for the commoners. They are only for millionaires and billionaires. Here […]