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Is Steel Real? | 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Steel

– Steel is the most traditional of bike materials, it’s got a long and distinguished career in cycling. And while new wonder materials have stolen it’s limelight there are many people for whom a steel bike is the dream bike but how does it really compare? Well yeah steel is steel yes but there are […]

Lightweight Road Bike Tech From Eurobike 2019

– We’re back at Eurobike, and we’re on the hunt for lightweight tech, the lightest bikes and components available to humanity. Now before we show you what we can find, make sure you subscribe to GCN Tech, if you haven’t already. Click the bell icon and you’ll get notifications. And, uh, John, let’s, let’s get […]

How A Titanium Bike Is Made | Moots Factory Tour

– Steamboat Springs, Colorado, population 12,088. A cycling paradise and home to one of cycling’s true artisans manufacturers, Moots. The grand masters of titanium. Last year they lent me a Route 45 gravel bike to ride in Iceland. And now we’re here to see how they practice their craft, how they actually make titanium bikes. […]

Selling body parts to buy expensive bike parts. Is it worth it?

(techno music) – Hey, what’s up guys. Today we’re going to try and find the most expensive bike possible. We’re gonna try and build up the most expensive bike possible from component parts. We’re gonna look for parts that are actually out there, in production, not super limited edition, diamond encrusted, gold parts that don’t […]

The Best Bikes At The Taipei Cycle Show 2019

– We’re back in Taipei for the Taipei Bike Show the world’s biggest industry bike trade show and in this video we’re gonna show you the best and most exciting bikes on display here so let’s get to it better ride to the show, let’s go what! (powerful music) Oh, serious bike porn time now. […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Titanium | GCN Tech Does Science

(collisions reverberating) – We’ve looked at the myths surrounding carbon fiber. We’ve lifted the lid on aluminum. We’ve investigated whether steel is in fact real; it was. But, there is still a big gap in the GCN Material Sciences Course. And that, is titanium. For a while, in the early ’90s, titanium was going to […]

Metal Vs Carbon: Which Bikes Are Better? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 3

– This S100 at the Tour Down Under. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Tech Show! – Woo! – And I’m gonna be bringing you the latest and greatest tech that these guys are using. Go on guys! – And of course having already got an amazing tan, I’ve stayed back here in our beloved […]