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5 Essential Winter Maintenance Tips & Hacks | Winter-Proof Your Road Bike

(logo whooshes) – The winter is the enemy for so many cyclists out there and quite often you actually find them hibernating up until spring time. However, get yourself some decent clothes and you can beat, or at least be protected against those elements. Your bike though, that requires some specialist care, doesn’t it? Or […]

Competitive Cycling : Warming Up for a Bicycle Race

Now I’m at the race, I am warming up on my trainer. It is important how much time to spend on the trainer. How much time do you need to warm up before your race? If you are doing a shorter race like the time trial, well time trial you are definitely going to want […]

5 Tips To Avoid Disaster On Your Road Bike | The GCN Show Ep. 305

Announcer: From the wheat fields in the River Eden New South Wales Australia, welcome to the GCN Show. Host: Welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by our friends at Wiggle. This weekaction-packedn packed. We’re talking about crashing and more specifically how you can avoid it. Host: At the other end of the spectrum […]

How To Build Confidence On The Bike | Cycling Skills With GCN

– Confidence on the bike requires time in the saddle, but if you’re not very confident you’re probably not going to want to ride your bike, so it can become a little bit of a vicious circle. Well, today I’m delighted to say that I am joined by GCN Espanol’s Maya to help us out, […]

How to handle and ride a tall motorcycle

Hey everybody, DirtDad here. I’m in violation of some sort of video authoring law, right? You can’t put your shadow in a video. I want my shadow in this video. Because I am going to use it to show you some stuff. The topic is how to handle a tall bike. Why would you want […]

How To Choose Mudguards For Your Road Bike | Fender Installation Tips

– Mudguards or fenders? And for many cyclists out there, a really stable part of winter cycling. The thought of riding along and getting your precious bike covered in grime is a nightmare for plenty of us, warriors of the road. Not to mention the thought of replacing parts sooner than they necessarily need to […]

3 Port Valves and Y Plan Heating Systems – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Plumber Parts dot CO dot UK. Honest reviews and advice, sponsored by Heat and Plumb dot com. – Hello and welcome to this Plumber Parts video. Today, I’m going to tell you about three-port valves that position the heating system and how to instal their control heads. Basically, giving you a brief explanation. […]

8 Essential Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Tips

as a lifelong cyclist an ex-professional I’ve ridden in literally every single type of weather that you can possibly imagine sometimes for hours on end and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty grim but it’s left me with a wealth of experience that I can share some tips and tricks from with you in […]

Tips For Buying A Used Or Second-hand Road Bike

– If you’re buying a bike, then buying used is a great way to save money and make your budget go further. So in this video, we’re going to give you a guide as to what to look for so that you can avoid getting a clunker and make sure you get a good deal. […]