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GCN’s Hour Record Challenge: Making Ollie Aero

(upbeat music) – Welcome to part two of my quest to take on the hour record and see if I can beat Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist of all time. (upbeat music) A quick recap, the hour record is beautifully simple. It’s how far you can ride around a velodrome in one hour. It was […]

Richie Porte’s Trek Speed Concept Time Trial Bike

– I’m here with the Trek Speed Concept time trial bike belonging to Richie Porte of the Trek-Segafredo team. He’s new to the squad, the 2009 team. So let’s have a look at this beast of a bike, which the Tasmanian Devil is hoping to pilot to victory this season. (booming sounds) (rap backing music) […]

Rohan Dennis’s Pinarello Bolide TT | Team Ineos Pro Bike

– This is the Pinarello Bolide TT bike belonging to current World Time Trial Champion Rohan Dennis. Rohan himself? Well he’s got a list of results as long as my arm. He’s won, like I’ve already said, the World Time Trial Championships. But he’s won it twice! He’s been an hour record holder. He’s won […]

Learning To Ride On The Velodrome | Ollie’s Hour Of Power

(whooshing) (upbeat music) – [Male] Welcome to the next step in my quest to take on the hour record, an Eddy Merckx record distance of 49.431 kilometers. – Now the hour record is typically performed on a velodrome with a fixed gear track bike. And in this video, I’m going to try and learn the […]

Pro Cycling Time Trial Tech | Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

– It is individual time trial day at the Abu Dhabi Tour, so we thought we would go into the pit and find some of the new tech and what the riders get up to before they start this individual test. (beeping) (light rock music) EF, Education First, are the only team here to be […]

Should Power Meters Be Banned In Pro Cycling? | GCN Tech Show Ep.110

– Welcome to the 110th edition of the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’ve got loads. We’ve got new handlebars, wheels, shoes. You name it, we’ve got it. Plus, we’ve got your upgrades, the Bike Vault, and our main talking point this week, – Should power meters be banned? – No! – Also, this […]

Custom Time Trial Tech | Pro Cycling Tech From The UAE Tour 2019

– I’m here at the UAE Tour, and there’s a time trial, so you know what that means? Time trial tech! Let’s go and check out what’s the latest and greatest, and also if there is anything which is custom. Come on! (smooth bassy electronic music) Alright, check out these pads or sponges underneath the […]

How To Buy Your First Tri Bike | Entry Level Bike Guide For Triathlon

– Now buying your first dedicated triathlon bike can be a pretty big step for any aspiring triathlete, understandably, it’s a pretty daunting task given the potential cost that bikes have. But you needn’t be breaking the bank. So to help you out, I’ve actually come along to my local bike shop and actually, my […]

The World’s Fastest Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 67

(metallic whooshing) – This week, we’ve got hot new tech from Flanders, plus casual clothing for cyclists who like to remain, well, understated I guess. – Plus, a bike that’s gonna be used in next week’s Hour record attempt. – And all the usual favorites. (energetic electronic music) (metallic whooshing) Right, first up this week […]