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SELLA RONDA BIKE DAY 2018 Cycling Vlog Sellaronda Dolomites @fabulousport

Corvara in Badia Dolomites Italy Sella Ronda Bike Day 2018 Cycling Dolomites Good morning it’s Sella Ronda Bike day Let’s go ..from Corvara Good morning British lady.. Good morning Italian man! First day in the Dolomites? Yes Sella Ronda Bike Day ..what a beautiful event! Yes it’s cool! Really Nice! Do you like these mountains? […]

CFOSE 2019 Ludhiana 9th Edition Sneak Peak

HI THIS IS SHINTO WELCOME TO FUN CYCLING IN THIS VIDEO IS ALL ABOUT CFOSE CYCLING FITNESS OUTDOOR SPORT EXHIBITION .9TH EDITION TO BE HELD AT LUDHIANA WE TRY TO COVER THE WHOLE EXHIBITION This exhibiton is all about cycle to be laucnhed in 2019, various types of fitness equipment we can see national and […]

PDX 007 Model Folding Travel E Bike

Hello there! We have completed the PDX 007 model folding travel e-bike This bike climbs hills in excess of 30% grade Mid drive design uses gears selected by rider Carbon windsurf mast becomes camera boom Right now this bike goes 35mph; this is too fast to be safe, so we will switch-out the front chainring […]

Reattach and tighten a bicycle crank arm (short video)

Hi guys, in this video I’m going to show you how to re-attach a bicycle crank arm. This is the first time I had to do it in something like eight months. My friends buy very cheap second hand bikes and sometimes they’re a little bit broken. So they come to me to fix them. […]

Japan Bike Trip #4 – Cycle to Cape Sata, Kyushu (2017)

So far, since leaving Cape Soya in August, I’d cycled all the way down to Tottori the city that had been my home for three years. And even though the snow was catching up with me I stayed longer than I had planned. Don’t bite me. No no no no. My last night out was […]

Fix mountain bike front mudguard

Hi Viewers, In this video let’s see how to fix a front mudguard for this mountain bike. so, I bought one from Kaufland and a really cheap one. so i managed to fix most part except the core part so we found this to be really interesting so this the friend part of the guys […]

2008 Yamaha R1 Custom Race Bike Review

what’s up everyone I’m bill I’m with Cali moto TV also with Cali trackdays we’re here with my good buddy Darrell carpenter we’re starting a new little segment and Darrell is stupid enough to let me ride his o8 Yamaha r1 that is just absolutely ridiculous so there let’s go through the bike let’s talk […]

Pro-Form Pro 2000 Folding Treadmill Review (2016 Model)

(light music) – This is the ProForm Pro 2000. Pro-Form has been a leading name in the fitness equipment industry for over 30 years. They’re a solid brand that specializes in performance enhancing convenience features with a concentration in shock absorption technology. This model has been the recipient of multiple Best Buy awards. One of […]