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Mechanical Doping In Cycling Compilation

oh there goes hesjendal thats sad for this final there goes the moto against the bike. here in the front with number 10 femke van den driessche a woman to catch an eye on. still only 19 years old 27-08-1996 watch out this competition goes on time he knows a lot about dope especially the […]

$20 Budget Road Bike Workstand // As Featured on GCN

Today, we’re going through the process of making yourself a cheap bikestand out of the parts we see here. Today’s parts list is pretty simple. We’ve got a folding metal leg sawhorse from Bunnings. One of these adjustable jobs. We’ve got an old skewer. We’ve got a roadbike front hub. We’ve got some u-clamps, and […]

Cycling Kyrgyzstan Part 1 | Bicycle Tour Around the World #3

Kak vaz a voot? Abdul Rahman. Nice to meet you. Is Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat. He just gave us an ice-cream. Decent looking mountains over there…. Kyrgyzstan!! Pretty nice campsite… Have you ever cycled through a landslide before? No. Was it fun? In the middle of absolute nowhere but look what we’ve got. I’ve got a nice […]

Kickstarter – Convertible Bike Briefcase by Two Wheel Gear

This year we are launching the world’s best bike briefcase. The pannier laptop briefcase features four separate organized pocket sections. The first is a padded 17 inch laptop compatible and accessories pocket. Then there is a daily trip items pocket. The third section is for small accessories and is quick to access. Best used for […]


it works hey guys whats up and welcome from Zurich as I mentioned in the latest upload we for sure went for a street ride over here today on the dirt jump bike so lets check out which street spots, skateparks and stairs Zurich has to offer spot 1: look at this insane track I […]

Kythera | Mountain bike

The bike, is earning more and more fans. People use it not only as a means of recreation andexercise , but as transportation. So at Kythera, the bike found fertile ground to develop as a new form of outdoor activity. Mountain biking. Although an island, Kythera has mountains that can be exploited by bikes. The […]

Amazing POV – downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

Ok guys, this is the start-gate of the world’s gnarliest street race. We’re about to descend 800 metres into the favela. This’ll be fun. Ready, bro? Okay, so that’s the first step down into… the fast step section here, coming to this bit absolutely lit. Blind-dropping to there. Smash a big left, right arrow on […]