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How To Do A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test

– Coming up are some tips on how to nail a Functional Threshold Power test. A test that John here, is, almost willingly about to undertake. (intense music) Yeah sorry John. Now, the reason for doing a test like an FTP test, is that knowing that piece of information is really important, in being able […]

Top 10 Iconic Road Bikes

This is a modern classic, winning Paris Roubaix twice, and the Tour de France. It took carbon technology up another notch, and the paint job is truly iconic. Pinarello Sword A conceptual bike that took Miguel Indurain to some of his most impressive time trial wins. This bike didn’t last long thanks to the UCI, […]

What Is A Domestique? How Do Teams Use Their Riders?

What is a domestique, and what do they do? Domestique is a French word, which, when used in a cycling context, literally means servant. The role of a domestique is simply to be a helper to their team leader. Some of what the job entails is obvious, other parts are more subtle. The role of […]

Willys Jeep mudding

No it’s not an invasion, we are not being conquered, but we just have guests today. I just wanted to say our forest is being conquered. Lots of guests. To prove that the old stuff still works. That was a bridge to far. Yes Wet feet.. Equipment enough I’d say. But no one wants to […]

Matrix Fitness: ClimbMill

At Matrix, we believe in better. We believe in creating solutions to real world problems, your problems. We believe in approachable design and innovation. And it’s this drive to innovate that inspires us to creatively solve the problems that others may ignore. We didn’t set out to simply make a better climb machine; our goal […]

Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down | Mountain Bike Skills

– This video is all about correcting some mistakes that might be slowing you down. You might not realize you’re doing them. (upbeat music) Rock gardens, braking bumps and rooty sections can really give your arms and suspension a proper workout, sometimes you can just bash through on the mainline or racing line, but actually […]

Breckenridge Free Ride App

Hi I’m Haley Littleton and today I’m here with mayor Eric Mamula where we are celebrating bus to work day and so we’re gonna chat a little bit about our transit technology updates. Excellent so the Town Council has really wanted to make sure that we’re on the cutting edge of transit technology with some […]

How Black Bolt Shatters Mountains with Sound! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– I like superpowers that are odd, but understandab– I like superpowers that are odd, but understandable. Take sound powers. Some superheroes have the ability to speak so epically that they can incapacitate enemies and destroy objects. That at least makes sense, we know that different orders of magnitude of sound can have profound effects […]

Winter Tyres or 4×4: which is best? – Auto Express

Britain is apparently facing its worst winter for 100 years with snow falling from as early as November. Now, if you’ve got a four-wheel drive car, you probably think you’re properly prepared – but are you? We’ve come to Tamworth Snowdome in the Midlands to find out if a FWD car with winter tyres has […]