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One Fast Dude & More | Nebraska Stories | NET Nebraska

VOICEOVER: Coming up on Nebraska Stories, one of the fastest track riders in the world. The legendary mechanic behind the winning 1958 Monza Roadster. The little known history of Nebraska’s tuberculosis hospital. And carving an niche in crane country. (upbeat guitar) (gears spinning) NARRATOR: Let’s just say it, Ashton Lambie’s a really interesting dude. (rock […]

GCN Say Mountain Biking Is Boring? GMBN Reacts | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 244

😎😀 Pepper back. Yes, he’s back. I returned I just killed Troy Brosnan on the return. So is Brosnan there? He is Oh Welcome to the dirt shed. So this week I’m back bingers is here. Yes. We have all usuals coming up on the show Absolutely, we’ve got some great stuff coming up and […]

How To Change The Bearings In Your Mountain Bikes Front Wheel | MTB Maintenance

– Changing the sealed bearings in your front hub, it’s actually a short punchy job and shouldn’t take very long to do, let’s go through it. Bike-specific pulleys and presses, well they’re absolutely lovely to use. But in solidarity with our home mechanics I’m not going to be using them today. First things first, let’s […]

Street bike Freestyle Competition CRASHES AND STUNTS

but being here XDL l Indianapolis round four we’re over halfway through the season the points race is tightened up a lot and I honestly think this is probably the best stunt riding in competition ever hear it read for the bottom a cycle like stop by the gang to what I Hank off the […]

VW Just Killed Formula 1.

(car engine revving) – Volkswagen recently vowed to be more environmentally conscious. Even going so far to announce that the corporation will not involved themselves in any gasoline combustion powered motorsports. (engines revving) Honestly, it’s a pretty good look. And provided they follow through, and actually push the electric motorsports forward, the move should result […]

How To Fit A Press Fit Bottom Bracket

– I know, I know. Press fit bottom brackets. Some of you out there are huge fans of them and others may be not quite such lovers. Now I’ve actually never had any problems with them on any of my own bikes, but I am aware that some people that had have. But let’s a […]

Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning At Mojo Rising

– Mountain bikers are a varied breed. There are some of us that have no interest whatsoever in opening up our suspension units. Some of us, might be quite comfortable doing a lower leg or an air can service, but not much else. The next layer is people that are comfortable rebuilding dampers. But the […]