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5 Electronic Shifting Hacks For Cyclists | Maintenance Monday

– Undoubtedly, one of the best things about electronic gear shifting on bikes is that it just works almost faultlessly, all the time. However, if you are lucky enough to have electronic gear shifting on your bike, are you actually getting the most out of it? Well, if you watch this video you will do […]

Behind The Scenes With Vincenzo Nibali | A Day At The Giro d’Italia

(electronic music) – [Voiceover] Time trials, the shortest stages but the longest days. Today’s race against the clock is just twelve minutes of pain but a whole day of preparation, planning and waiting. – We’ve been given behind the scenes access by Bahrain-Merida to follow the team and their star rider Vincenzo Nibali as he […]

3,200HP Billet Aluminium DIESEL | 3,350 LB/FT Torque Monster [TECH TOUR]

– We’ve probably all seen videos on YouTube of spectacular diesel engine failures and with some of these engines capable of producing 2000 horsepower, there’s no surprise that when they let go, they let go in a spectacular fashion. Well in order to keep these engines together, more and more technology needs to be applied […]

Stancu Matei – BMW E36 LS3 Hill climb – build and race

In 2016 I successfully made my debut in the national hill climb championship but in 2017 I wanted to experiment something new, rallying Unfortunately the new experience ended at Rally Cluj by leaving the road while being in first place. After the Cluj accident I asked myself what is the next step? how do I […]

Starting My Engine Build! | RM250 Rebuild 11

what’s going on everyone as you can imagine I’m extremely excited for today’s project we are going to be starting on the RM250 engine build we’re going all the way up from the cases as you can see back here I’m gonna be installing the crankshaft transmission gear shift stuff we’re gonna be making a […]

Inside Cycling’s Lockdown – Hope In Dark Times | The GCN Show Ep.376

Hank: Welcome. Simon: Welcome. Manon: Welcome. Florian: Welcome. Oscar: Welcome. Mayalen: Welcome. Conor: Welcome. Giorgio: Giorgio. Ollie: Welcome. Bernie: Welcome. Doi: Welcome. Kunihiro: Welcome. Mario: Welcome to- All: -the GCN Show. Dan: Welcome to the GCN Show. This week, we are going to be looking at the very best of cycling humanity in the face […]

Street Noise (a corona-poem) spoken word poetry

There’s a busy street behind my house I can’t see it the HOA built a wall just high enough so that we can pretend it’s not there but I can hear it I’ve heard it every single day that I’ve lived here as constant as the sunrise the rumble of trucks hauling their precious cargo […]

The Hidden Path trailer

One day, Maxime told me that according to him, a race is only one of the steps of a long path. The one you remember, the one that everyone can see. But all the work and dedication of an athlete takes place in the thousand miles behind, the one that almost no one has the […]

Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange Vs GTN

(slow jazz) – Yeah even you got that one then! (laughing) That’s a good spot. Should we do best of three or three lot of shots? – Oh, yeah – Awww – Now it’s rolling. – [Fraser] Right, we are delighted to be here with Patrick Lange the day after Iron Man Frankfurt two time […]

Ask GMBN: What is Your Dream Mountain Bike?

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN, where you guys send all your questions you want answering from us dudes, here at GMBN. – Yeah, can’t wait to get into some mountain biking test questions, challenges. What have we got this week, Blake? – Well, we got one from Kevin, and he’s asking, where is […]