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How To Test Your Bike To Make It Faster | GCN Does Science

(soothing music) – So you want to go faster on your bike and you’re looking for aero gains. For example, a time trial handlebar like this Time Zone bar from ControlTech, or maybe new wheels, or an aero helmet, or a new position? But how do you know if it’s actually faster rather than just […]

How Are Carbon Bike Pedals Made? | Look Cycle Factory Tour

– What is the most important innovation in road cycling? Well, there have been a few, but without doubt, one of the most important innovations is the clipless pedal. They’re widely used now, but this wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until 1985 when Bernard Hinault won the Tour de France using clipless pedals that […]

The Next Step For Bike Helmet Safety?

(bang) – I’m glad that wasn’t my head. (intro sound) I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out here to the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the collaboration between Volvo and POC. They will, for the first time ever, test exactly what happens in a collision, between a car and a bike. […]

New tests show some bike helmets protect heads better than others

David Zuby>>We collaborated with Virginia Tech researchers on a pilot program to look to see what was the range of impact protection offered by current designs of bicycle helmets. The pilot program found that while helmets were providing pretty good protection against severe-type injuries that might lead to skull fractures, not all were providing equally […]


Do it it just feels like a curve on this thing Wasn’t able to film yesterday because I went out and rode my bike with my boy ROG and We plan on running a lot more and I planned on going after that and riding some more maybe at scooters on or something But my […]

Oakley Factory Tour | Behind The Scenes Of Mountain Bike Product Development

– This is Foothill Ranch, home not of Bladerunner, but since 1998, of Oakley, one of the most important brands in mountain-biking, for probably the last 30 years. Now, we’re gonna take a good look around, all 600,000 square feet of the place, including the part, where millions of pairs of sunglasses are made, every […]

Inside CR’s Bicycle Helmet Test Lab | Consumer Reports

[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I think I’m in the right place. Ah, bike helmets. You’re John, right? Yep, I’m John Galeotafiore. I oversee the bike helmet testing here. I’ve been dying to see you all week. All right, how do I look? Well, I think that helmet needs some work. But I can fix it. Let’s […]