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Custom Electric Bike Yamaha YZ 250

Hi, I’m Maxim Zvonitsky and this is my electric bike It’s electric conversion of dirt bike Yamaha YZ250 High speed is unprofitable for electric transport So I choosed dirt bike, with the expectation that middle speed would be 40-60 km/h In this mode, the battery works good, energy is spent not quickly Engine is from […]

Terrifically Powerful E-Bike Made By Myself / 100 km/h Crazy Speed!

I’ve been waiting long for this Today you will see us making this not-expencive but terrificly powerful E-bike! this one will reach 100 km/h! that’s superb! 100! my gosh! the simple 1.5 kw chinese hub motor is going to be the heart of it we’ve bought this one second hand just for 100$ I’ve got […]

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which is Best?

(mid-tempo music) – What’s up, buddy? (laughs) Yeah. I ride a skateboard to work. And lately there have been a ton of these little scooters and things popping up everywhere, and I thought okay let’s look at maybe the cost of that vs owning one and what they’re doing and how they may be changing […]

This Electric Bike FOLDS in HALF?! Testing a new off road beast.

Electric bikes are some of the coolest tech that I’ve seen this year. They’re fast, they have a lot of range, and they keep on getting better and better. You might remember from the previous video where I reviewed the Rad Power Bikes and how awesome those were out in the snow. These bikes are […]

The ‘Tesla’ of Mountain Bikes?

An electronic Tesla Car can do 250 miles before needing to be recharged. This electronic bike can do 20 miles before needing to be recharged; 40 miles if you help the motor by pedaling. Now Rad Power Bikes, told me that this bike can do 20 miles an hour, which is incredibly fast. Legally, it […]