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Montague FIT Folding Bike Overview

I’m Kristina with Montague Bikes and I’m here with our Marketing Manager, Ryan Walas to talk about the Montague FIT. Can you tell me about the features of this bike? Yea, so this is basically our high end road bike. A flat handlebar road bike, and it’s really about delivering road performance with a small […]

Tern Verge X10 Folding Bike Video Review

Hey folks, this is Peter from bikes and life. Now here at her Worcester location where we just got a delivery of these very cool tern folding bikes. The one that i am holding here is the verge x10 now this is a high performance lightweight folding bike that’s designed to be quick, simple and […]

Verge X10 – Fast and Lightweight Tern Folding Bike

Hey folks, this is Peter from Bikes and Life. Now we’re here to show you the “Tern Verge X10” Lightweight, compact, portable, folding bike so with any folding bike the first thing you have to do obviously is unfold it, if you’re going to ride. So with this Tern you lift the handle bar, swing […]