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Electric Bike Sharing Stations Generating Data

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is home to the nation’s first fully-automated electric bike sharing station – make that two stations – thanks to research questions posed by civil and environmental engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry. “We have electric-assist bikes that have an electric motor in the hub that allows users to go up hills […]

Cycling’s 10 Year Challenge | The GCN Show Ep. 315

– From a snowy commute, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we shamelessly piggyback off the hashtag that’s been taking social media by storm. And we look at cycling’s 10 year challenge. Where was our sport 10 years ago, and has it […]

Folding bike re-invented – People-centred designing (7/10)

Mark Sanders is an engineer and industrial designer who’s best known for his creative design of folding bikes. His first bike originated as a postgraduate design project. I’d gone back to college to study industrial design engineering as a postgraduate and I needed a project. I also commuted from Windsor into London, and so something […]

Uber for Bikes Could Save Your Commute

– It’s a cool bike, right? Let’s steal it. (upbeat music) So even though this isn’t my bike, I can legally and easily take it or any of the other 249 just like it roaming around San Francisco. It’s part of a system called Uber Bike, and it’s Uber for bikes. Bike-sharing used to be […]

Lifespan Fitness SM-400 Magnetic Spin Bike

The Lifespan Fitness SM-400 is one of the smoothest spin bikes on the market. The combination of contactless magnetic resistance and belt drive creates an indoor riding experience like no other. Magnetic cycle resistance means that you won’t have to worry about maintaining or replacing worn friction pads ever again. You’ll be able to position […]

Electric bikes: everything you need to know

(upbeat remixed music) – So we here at The Verge love electric rideables. Hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, unicycles, tricycles, you name it, we’ve ridden it. But I’m here to tell you why I think electric bikes in particular are more than just a fun tech fad. I think they could actually be the future […]

The Companion Robot Designer

Meet Betty. She lives by herself, but for the last few months she hasn’t been alone. ElliQ, tell me a joke. Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut? No. Apparently, he just needed a little space. Most technology isn’t made for 93-year-olds. But this woman is making sure that this particular robot is. ElliQ, who […]

Bike helmet showdown: Stanford researchers test new airbag tech

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. Three, two, one. It’s little-known that football, although you hear about it all the time in the media, is not the number one cause of sports and activity-related concussion. It’s bicycling. We compared the performance of a traditional bicycle helmet, which is made of expanded polystyrene foam, to this newly-developed product […]

Absolute Cycling during Rush Hour

I invented a cycling computer that is capable of measuring speed, distance, and location in a much more accurate way than current systems. Additionally, it’s a full-featured cycling computer, so it is capable of measuring your heartbeat, your power output, all of the functions you can expect from a high-end cycling computer. Harm is now […]