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6 Common E-Bike Jumping Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

(grunts) – We all know that feeling of flying down your local trail, flowing down it but then you see that jump in front of you so that time when the e-bike when the wheels come of the ground it can be pretty intimidating, specially if you got the wrong techniques. Today’s video we gonna […]

5 Downhill Mountain Bike Challenges: Scotty Vs Blake

– I’m in one of my favourite zones out here in Spain, and I’ve set Neil and I some challenges. I’m just waiting for him to turn up, and hopefully, I’m gonna win. – Hello. – (laughs) You’re not Neil. – No, I know. I’m Blake. Neil’s not here. – (laughs) Okay, well, you can […]

8 Beginner Dirt Jump Tricks To Master | Mountain Bike Skills

– Turnbar. ET. One Foot. One Hand. Table. X Up. No Foot. One Hand One Foot. Maybe a bonus. So those are my eight favourite tricks to do, to learn as well. It can be done anywhere: on the trail, at dirt jumps at the skatepark, wherever. Wherever you can get air, you can do […]