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Pimped Up E-Bike Drives Like A Car

MIKAEL KJELLMAN: I put a lot of effort in making it practical, but it has also proven to be real fun to drive. COMM: PodRide is an all-weather four-wheeled e-bike that looks like a miniature car. MIKAEL KJELLMAN: Hi! My name is Mikael and I’m the designer of PodRide. The basic idea with PodRide is […]

Understanding Mountain Bike Concussion

– Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t switch over, you haven’t accidentally tuned into GCN. I know I spend most of my life poncing around in Lycra over there. But deep down, I’m a mountain biker as well. So today, I’ve got a guest pass to come onto GMBN and to talk concussion and mountain bikes. Concussion […]

Martin Soderstrom’s Specialized P3 Dirt Jump Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– This is Martin Soderstrom’s pro bike check, on a specialised P3 dirt jump bike / slope style bike. (drum beat) (upbeat electronic beat) First up, the front end is running a Rockshox DJ Pike fork, pumped up to the max. Bit like myself, doesn’t really want that soggy front end, he just needs it […]

POC Factory Tour | GMBN Visits The POC HQ

– Neil, you’ve brought me to Stockholm, into a big building such like this and what are we doing here? – Blake, look we’re here at POC. Let’s take a look around the building. – No way, POC! Should we? Wait, I got this. (beeping) (sped up voice effect) – Yeah, hi it’s Blake Samson, […]