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New POC Ventral Road Cycling Helmet | GCN Tech’s First Look

(wooshing) – POC have just launched a brand-new aero road helmet called the Ventral. Their first in quite a few years is designed to be faster than their Octal while still maintaining ventilation. There is loads of great tech. So, let’s get ready; we’re goin’ in. This is the brand new Ventral helmet from POC. […]


The neighbors is wave goodbye Ferry Arrived in Germany and of course it is raining It is only left leg so no worries This is the right way Oh daim she is going FAST Maria having homesickness and looking how far it is to Porto Look here Thats our goal. We are here We are […]

What Does MIPS Do? | Cycling Helmets, Concussion & Brain Injuries

(intense music) – A concussion are always a shaking of your brain tissue inside the skull bone. But it doesn’t say where you have hurt yourself in most of the cases. – If you’ve purchased or looked at buying a new helmet over recent years there’s a chance you would have seen something called MIPS. […]

Pimped Up E-Bike Drives Like A Car

MIKAEL KJELLMAN: I put a lot of effort in making it practical, but it has also proven to be real fun to drive. COMM: PodRide is an all-weather four-wheeled e-bike that looks like a miniature car. MIKAEL KJELLMAN: Hi! My name is Mikael and I’m the designer of PodRide. The basic idea with PodRide is […]

Understanding Mountain Bike Concussion

– Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t switch over, you haven’t accidentally tuned into GCN. I know I spend most of my life poncing around in Lycra over there. But deep down, I’m a mountain biker as well. So today, I’ve got a guest pass to come onto GMBN and to talk concussion and mountain bikes. Concussion […]

Martin Soderstrom’s Specialized P3 Dirt Jump Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– This is Martin Soderstrom’s pro bike check, on a specialised P3 dirt jump bike / slope style bike. (drum beat) (upbeat electronic beat) First up, the front end is running a Rockshox DJ Pike fork, pumped up to the max. Bit like myself, doesn’t really want that soggy front end, he just needs it […]