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Bicycles & Bathroom Safety?

The bicycle. A trusted design that has existed for centuries across the world. It’s easy to steer thanks to the handlebars located in front Now imagine a bicycle with a vertical handlebar located off to one side. This type of bicycle handle does not exist and for good reason. It would be difficult to steer […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pro Bike Racing

– Pro cycling and bike racing in general, have a few hidden unknowns. Here are some of the bare truths of bike racing. (upbeat music) The races are easy. Of course not the entire race, but there are many kilometers raced each year at the bike racing equivalent of walking pace. This does not apply […]

Cycling with Parkinson’s

Adrenaline That’s sometimes all I need after a bit of a stressful day And when I’m out cycling I feel the wind in my hair like you wouldn’t believe the sun in my face the freedom the adrenaline, the euphoria the position my body’s in, I’m almost pain-free My arm still judders about and my […]

Are Local Bike Shops Worth Fighting For? | The GCN Show Ep. 266

– From my morning commute in Washington DC, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. – On the show this week, we’re discussing the future of the local bike shop. Are they worth fighting for? – We’re also going to let you know how you can go faster with the use […]

GoPro HD: Tip #77 Introducing NeoPine Accessories

Kia ora ragazzi, benvenuti a un nuovo tip Oggi un tip molto veloce dove vi introduco una marca di prodotti per GoPro Sto parlando di NEOPine che è uno dei brand più conosciuti in America e anche in altre parti del mondo Vi mostro qualche prodotto che nei prossimi tip recensirò Questo è il NEOPine […]

Cheap Tyres Vs Expensive Tyres | Can You Tell The Difference?

– What do we look for when we’re buying a tire? Well, the marketplace is awash with different tread, casing and tire, compound options. What do you actually look for? I think, between friends, we can agree that price does play it’s part, but we’re hopefully here to inform you today as we do a […]

How To Take Your Mountain Bike Riding To The Next Level

(modern jazz rhythm) – As some of you may know, all of us here at GMBN are former professional mountain bikers. – And to get to that level takes a lot. – Yep, I raced Enduro professional. – I was a Dirt jump slope style rider for ages. – Uh, I raced downhill world cups […]