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all right what is going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video today we are with so in today’s video we’ll be doing an extreme kicking challenges video last video that we did was mainly focus on kicking stand we did a little bit of clapping pads but today we’ll be focusing on […]

Ellen Welcomes World-Renowned Artistic Cyclist Viola Brand

You’re here on such a good day. The other day, my producer showed me an incredible video on Instagram, of one of the coolest performances I’ve seen. I could try to describe it, but I would rather you just see it for yourself. From Stuttgart, Germany, please welcome Viola Brand. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – DUA LIPA, […]


Hi everyone, welcome to the new BIKE O’Clock vlog episode We took our enduro MTB bikes and today is gonna be fun We built a ghetto kicker ramp and we will jump over a bar It will be a highjump battle between the two of us Here’s the high jump set-up We built this epic […]

Top 10 Cycling Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow

Speaker 1: Hank, what are you doing? We’re going to be filming. James: I’m just on Instagram searching far and wide for the best cycle-related Instagram account. Speaker 1: Okay, coming up are the best Instagram accounts you should follow as a cyclist. [music] You didn’t expect us to talk about top cycling Instagram accounts […]

Street bike Freestyle Competition CRASHES AND STUNTS

but being here XDL l Indianapolis round four we’re over halfway through the season the points race is tightened up a lot and I honestly think this is probably the best stunt riding in competition ever hear it read for the bottom a cycle like stop by the gang to what I Hank off the […]

Downhill Mountain Biking in the Wilds of Africa

Camera rolling. Dropping in. There’s just a bunch of sick rollers And, um, potentially a little like manual line or maybe a little double line Maybe we could find a couple s berms or something and yeah just poppin’ around, having a good time So ridiculous like It’s hard packed, it’s good to ride, it’s […]

This BMX Trick Took 50 Tries

This is one of the hardest tricks I’ve ever done on BMX. There’s so many different rotations. I’m R. Willy. And my world’s first is a Silly Willy on BMX. [MUSIC PLAYING] So the Silly Willy, AKA 360 double front flip on BMX, came about because I landed on scooter about three years before. And […]

How To Set Up A Mountain Bike For Jibbing | Barspin And Freecoaster Hacks

– For quite a long time, mountain bikers have been quite into riding street and have associcted tricks to do with it, but in recent times, jibbing has actually become quite popular, probably because of the fact that 50:1 boys, Josh Lewis, Josh Bryceland, all those guys are doing loads of BMX orientated tricks out […]