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Weird & Wonderful New Bike Tech | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– It’s wacky, it’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s outrageous, it’s a whole lot of fun, but there aren’t any prizes to be won, ’cause this isn’t fun house, it’s the Taipei Bike Show and I’m on the hunt for the most weird and wonderful tech. So, let’s go find it. (playful flute music) It’s important […]

Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

The market has grown a lot since the smaller bike shops and bigger markets started selling the fixie bikes. To me it’s “just” a bike that’s a little different compared to the normal bikes. They are a bit more fun to ride. You get that – that special feeling off riding a track bike. There […]

20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter

20 Mountainbike tricks to survive the winter Yo! I hope you guys enjoyed this little video if so, give a thumbs up or leave a comment take your bike, go out and have some fun until next time! see you guys


hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video i am back in my local indoor park and we spent the last hour building up a huge obstacle Parcours with me today are Adam and Felix one of the most requested videos lets do a course walk. starting from up here we have to […]

Vertriders: Mountain Biking Extreme “Flow” (Full HD) I VAUDE

When things just go along smoothly, when the motion just happens by itself, then that’s what flow is to me. Completely regardless of the difficulty. It can be rough to ride, but when you feel things are going well, that it’s just easy to do, then that’s when it’s “flow” for me. When the section […]

Blake vs Chris | GMBN Mountain Bike Jib Off!

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Today we find ourselves in the streets, in Bristol in the UK. We’re out here on two different bikes to have a game of bike. – Yeah, we got one heavyweight bike, 23.5 kilo e-bike, 2.8 tires, it’s a bit of a monster on the street against Blake’s machine. […]

10 Questions With Neil Donoghue | Martyn Asks The Pros

– Now we were just in the shed. We were filming an ask, and I thought you know what I think you guys want to get to know the GMBN presenters more. So I’ve got Neil here and I thought why don’t we do it? Why don’t we get to know him a little bit […]

Best Thursday of my Life! |SickSeries#17

Hello guy´s, it´s me, Fabio and today is gonna be a special episode Sick Series #17 will not be like all the others Hello guy´s, it´s me, Fabio and today is gonna be a special episode Sick Series #17 will not be a normal episode – it´s gonna be different anyway, I´m holding my POC […]