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Trail Vs E-Bike Descending Challenge | Battle Of The Bikes

– State of the art, acoustic bike versus state of the art, electric bike. We know what’s quicker up hill. But what’s quicker down hill? – Oooh! [Drum And Bass Music] [Beeping] – Right, Georgia Leslie, bike check time! [Clap] Obviously, the acoustic bike is an S-works Stumpjumper. – It is! – Carbon this, carbon […]

TRIAL on MTB |Sick Series #33

hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series some of you will know the place where we are we are riding our mountainbikes, our Specialized Stumpjumper and today we will see how much trial we can do on a mtb so Elias will start with an easy line now 360 wait a little bit just do […]

I’m giving away my custom SPECIALIZED BIKE!

hey guys what’s up forgive me marry me again and today I’ve got something very very special for you gonna make this video in English as I said that I’m gonna make more and more videos in English six years will be for sure in German with English subtitles and I’m also gonna add German […]

20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter

20 Mountainbike tricks to survive the winter Yo! I hope you guys enjoyed this little video if so, give a thumbs up or leave a comment take your bike, go out and have some fun until next time! see you guys

MTB WVP on Ice with 45NRTH studded bike tires 2019

It’s so cool Oh my gosh, look at that Oh daddy’s already over there It’s frozen Whoaa Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Ohhhh Ho Ho Ho Ho!! This is fine See? Oh, Anna it’s frozen. You can walk on it Seriously? Try… *giggles* Wow, SO PRETTY! Look… (inaudible) [Anna] Hi So pretty Hey, daddy I’m trying […]

All New 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo | EMBN First Look

(exiting action music) – The essence of adventure engineering with an appetite for the outdoors. Sounds like the perfect advert for the new Turbo Levo, right? Well those are, in fact, words from a specialized advert way back in the 1980s, the first production mountain bike. But here we are, 40 years later, and those […]

MTB Car Park Challenges |SickSeries #37

Cheers guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series last episode before christmas and we prepaired something with cans of Red Bull we will do a little game on our Mountainbikes here on the flat and we have another special guest ladies and gentlemen, say hello to: Trail-Bike-Worldcampion Tom Öhler Cheers Tom happy to have Tom with […]

The Urban Freeride Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer 2017

Hey guys it’s me, Fabio and today I’ll talk a little bit about my urban freeride machine about the bike which I used in my urban freeride video in Salzburg and Vienna about my Specialized Stumpjumper A lot of people asked me to talk about the bike whi parts I’m riding which tire pressure whatever […]