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Getting To Know Danny MacAskill At Red Bull Hardline

– Welcome to Red Bull Hardline. We’re here with trials legend, Danny MacAskill. You ready to check out the course? – Most definitely. Let’s do it. (cheering) Hot crumpets! (laughs) So we’re kind of, we’ve just taken up halfway up the track to the step up. Which is, I mean it’s in my books, a […]

Martyn’s Curb Trials | Mountain Bike Skills

– The humble curb. The street side wedge. Might look simple. Could look boring, but, you know what? This should never be underestimated. I swear, I learned to be a professional mountain bike rider using this obstacle. It’s an unlimited playground of roots, rocks, and drops, and every street scenario you can think of. You […]

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars

If you imagine a typical American city street, and you take away the space that’s dedicated to cars, you aren’t left with very much. There are some narrow walkways on the side, and some bridges in between them, but not much else. Cars dominate cities. Spend some time walking around most cities and you’ll find […]


so much going on here crazy so sick to ride here. everybody is driving so crazy you can basically do whatever you want stairgap the worlds biggest quarter pipe dropping in from up there discovered something this spot is full of all those banks such a paradise drops on drops worlds biggest quarter again that […]


it works hey guys whats up and welcome from Zurich as I mentioned in the latest upload we for sure went for a street ride over here today on the dirt jump bike so lets check out which street spots, skateparks and stairs Zurich has to offer spot 1: look at this insane track I […]

Mountain Bike Custom Gears & Parts : How to Change a Bike’s Handlebar Stem

If you’re taller or shorter than normal, or intend to use your bike for a slightly different purpose than what the manufacturer equipped it for, you’ll find that you might want to change the handlebar stem on your bike. This is a hundred and ten millimeter long stem, or eleven centimeter long stem, depending on […]