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Sesame Street: Learning to Ride a Bike

[MUSIC PLAYING] NICHOLAS: My name is Nicholas. It took me awhile to learn how to roller blade. Now I can. I blade with my sister and my mom and dad. And I want to ride a two-wheeler for a really long time. We’re finally taking off the training wheels. NICHOLAS’S DAD: All right, we’re ready […]

First Ride 2017 | + Eng Subs

…NICE to ride again I really missed that well, it’s still quite cold at this time still beginning of March but I think, it can just become better and better for the first ride of 2017, I’m not gonna improvise too much I just head to a meet point for motorcycle that should be good […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today we will ride an hour together! We are on my personal ground, we will try to modulate all these obstacles to have cool lines, and do some new combos ! Let’s go ! That’s it for this little hour session! I am very happy with […]


So we just met for a very spontaneous riding session wow dude they’re strong What’s up we’re live here at Red Bull Rampage Now I’m gonna take you with me at a show We’re actually at one of the most famous skate spots Guys you won’t believe what happened last year it’s blocked here are […]

King Street Protected Bike Lane

Musical intro bicyclists are now able to ride in hawaii’s first cycle track on King Street in Honolulu a cycle track is also known as a protected bike lanes that’s physically separated from traffic now that the King Street cycle track is in use hawaii has become the 26th state in the nation to install […]

Mon NOUVEAU VTT STREET TRIAL ! (Déballage & Montage)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today no riding session, today we will do some mechanics together, and today I’m going to build up with you … my brand new Inspired Fourplay! This time it’s the red model, replacing the green model, I chose this color because it fit with the Urban Trial Show structure, […]