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How To Make Your E-Bike Comfortable | EMTB Set Up Tips

– Your e-mountain bike can take you to some pretty amazing places. It can often mean spending a lot of time in the saddle, so it’s really important to make the whole bike feel as comfortable as possible. So today’s video, we’re taking a look at the ways you can make your e-bike feel more […]

Folding And Unfolding The Ahooga Bike (Tutorial 2019)

Set the speed shifter on 4th gear Mudguards tucked in Left pedal at 6 o’clock Front wheel steered right Push the top tube down Rest the handlebar on the outside of your left leg Open the caliper lever Big lever first Take the wheel by the center (right hand) Left hand on the stem Close […]

Can You Convert Your Mountain Bike Wheel Hubs? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome back to another ask GMBN Tech. This is our weekly Q&A show, so you guys get to ask questions, and we try and answer them for you. If you wanna ask any tech related questions there’s a link at the bottom of the screen there, you can contact us, and of course you […]

How to Identify Bike Parts | Bike Maintenance

Hi my name is Jesse McDonough and I’m here at Spokesman Cycles in New York City, right by Union Square. I’m a bicycle tour guide in New York and formerly a bike messenger and I’m here to tell you a bit about the bike. Today we’re going to name the parts of the bicycle. This […]

Mountain Bike Custom Gears & Parts : How to Change a Bike’s Handlebar Stem

If you’re taller or shorter than normal, or intend to use your bike for a slightly different purpose than what the manufacturer equipped it for, you’ll find that you might want to change the handlebar stem on your bike. This is a hundred and ten millimeter long stem, or eleven centimeter long stem, depending on […]

Buying your first XC Mountain Bike Size and Geometry

welcome to mountain biking for beginners in this video will be discussing some like geometry or at least some of the basic certainly should be aware of when buying your first bike since you’re just starting off going out and spending a decent amount of time and money on a properly fitted racing bike is […]

5 Changes To Make Your Mountain Bike Feel New!

– Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your steed feel fresh and new. Just the simplest changes to your setup can make your mountain bike feel like a brand new beast. – Yeah and let’s not forget that those setup changes can actually give you more confidence on your bike and […]

Are “Cheap” Ebay Carbon Fiber Bike Parts Worth Buying?

Hey guys. You may have seen some of these inexpensive carbon fiber bike parts on ebay and wondered if they’re worth the money. I’ve got just a small sample of carbon parts to show you. Ones that I have a little bit of expierence with. You probably started looking at them because they’re lighter than […]

Grease, Lubricant, Threadlock, Fibregrip: What & Where Should You Use It?

– So walking into a bike shop, it can pretty confusing with such a vast array of products on the shelves. And what we’re gonna tackle today is lubricants, greases, and thread locks, and where and when to actually use them on your bike, as they are actually specific to each part and also seasonal […]