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Will Carbon Bikes Become Cheaper Than Aluminium? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 108

(energetic music) – Welcome to the 108th “GCN Tech Show.” – This week, we’ve got new lightweight clothing, new tubeless tires, the bike vault, your upgrades, and potentially carbon-fiber bikes that are going to be cheaper than aluminum. – Oh, it’s going to be a good one! – It is, let’s do it. – This […]

SMC-600R – Hitch Mounted Sport Motorcycle Carrier Assembly

Today were showing you how to properly assemble the SMC-600R Motorcycle Carrier Parts for assembly include Carrier Frame Loading Ramp Carrier Track Support Brackets Main Hitch Tube Tie Down Tubes Front Tire Stop Rear Cradle 3 inch Bolts & Lock Nuts 5/8 inch Sleeves 1 inch Bolts & Lock Nuts Tie Down Eye Bolts & […]