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More Eagle GX 12 Speed Details – Adjustments, Chainline, Racing it

Hi everyone after riding the Eagle for a little while, long enough to get some battle scars here on the derailleur, I thought I will give you a few more of my findings, all kind of stuff that I couldn’t fit in that installation video. So here we go. Quick look at the shifting performance […]

How Do Bike Gears Work? | Bicycle Gears Explained

– Bicycles have gears to help you ride more efficiently when going uphill, downhill, and on the flat across all varied terrain. Without easy gears, you’d grind to a halt when trying to go up steep hills and without bigger gears, well you wouldn’t be able to pedal fast enough when going downhill. But how […]

How Much Faster Can You Stop With Disc Brakes?

– [Dan] Disc brakes really divide opinion amongst cyclists. What you’ll generally find is that people who’ve used them will rave about them, whilst those that haven’t will simply say that they’re unnecessary. Now, what we can say is that, given that we’ve ridden and raced on rim brakes for many years, they’re certainly not […]

Rising – Ep 5: The Mental Game w/ Kate Courtney

(wind blowing) (rock music) – [Kate] Mental strength is a key factor at this level of racing, but it’s also really hard to maintain. And I think, for me, it’s important at this level in my career to really acknowledge that and to be open to the process and understand that the pressure and expectations […]

SRAM: Disc Brake Bed-In Procedure

Hi, I’m Brian from the SRAM Brake team. I just finished installing new SRAM brakes and rotors on these bikes, and now I am going to go through the very important brake bed-in procedure with you. All new brake pads and rotors should be put through a wear-in process known as bed-in prior to your […]

How To Set Up & Index Road Bike Gears | Road Bike Maintenance

– Skipping or badly performing gears are a terrible thing to have. The game of gear roulette when you shift a lever and hoping the chain goes onto the correct sprocket can be a frustrating thing. So let’s solve those gearing problems. (futuristic music) Now in the setup we’re looking at today, it’s operated by […]

SRAM RED eTAP System Overview

Welcome to SRAM Technical Communications. This video will give you an overview of the usage of the SRAM Red eTap drivetrain system. The following topics will be covered. You can jump to a particular section by clicking these links. To check the battery level of the front derailleur, press the function button. Green indicates twenty-two […]