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Indoor cycling made cool

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a liar. It takes looonger than one minute. Good news: you can use any smartphone, no special sensors needed. Just install free Ambalco cycling app available for Android and iPhone Just install, just install, just install… and enter your nickname smartphone on the antler measures your speed errr… In real […]

The Hidden Path trailer

One day, Maxime told me that according to him, a race is only one of the steps of a long path. The one you remember, the one that everyone can see. But all the work and dedication of an athlete takes place in the thousand miles behind, the one that almost no one has the […]

Paolo Diana – My story

Hi friends! I wanted to tell you a story: how Paolo Diana was born. Paolo Diana was born in 1976 forty-four years ago I’m starting to get old! I was born in Rimini and it all begin because of my father, who, when I was little brought me to see rally shows in the surroundings. […]

Coronavirus РVélo, VTT et confinement

hello I publish this video in reaction to reactions that I see on social networks some MTB rider think that lockdown means hollidays… during which they can go to ride or train I’m aware of this epidemic because… Fanny works at the hospital her sister is a nurse at the hospital too in Alsace on […]

Rockrider 520 ST Review

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