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2018 BMW S1000XR complete review

I really wanted to do this review outside in the direct sunlight because I believe that this color the metallic blue matte looks best under direct sunlight, but the weather had different ideas for today’s so here we are in the garage for a review of the BMW s1000xr but fear not because I am […]

Berlin on Bike beim Yoga Cycling

Yoga-Cycling are basically yoga-based exercises that we integrated with cycling So now you can do a few nice yoga-exercises while you are cycling to work or whatever. You’ll notice to be relaxed more quickly, You do something for your body and fitness – – which otherwise most of us would simply not do. [Sascha] What […]

The Rules of Track Cycling – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Track Cycling The object of the game is to cycle faster than your opponents. Track Cycling, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic Track Cycling’, is contested indoors, on a curved banked track that measures 250m long, otherwise known as a Velodrome. In general, the rider who crosses the finish line first, […]

O que é o Mountain Bike na sua vida? (Eng Sub)

To me mountain bike is so much more than a sport. It´s a lifestyle that brings me health discipline, direct contact with nature and a will to live. To me mountain bike represents at least 50% of my day. It´s my amusement park. It´s my therapy. It´s the opportunity to be in touch with nature. […]

Купил на АЛИ самый дешевый электро велосипед

Привет-привет, с вами ревьюмашинз и ваш привычный голос за кадром. Друзья, есть в народе одна мудрость – выбирая какую-либо покупку, никогда не останавливайтесь на самом дешевом варианте из представленных. Но мы сегодня с вами проведем эксперимент. Сейчас мы найдем на алиекспресс самый что ни на есть дешевый электро велосипед, купим его и посмотрим чем же […]

Cape Epic mountain bike race begins in South Africa

The tenth edition of the Cape Epic mountain bike race got underway against the backdrop of Meerendal Wine Estate on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday. Three-time Cape Epic overall winner Christoph Sauser dominated the prologue with his new Burry Stander – SONGO team partner Jaruslav Kulhavy to record the fastest time. […]

How to Ride a Bike Safely on the Road

How to Ride a Bike Safely on the Road. Over a half-million cyclists end up in emergency rooms each year. Lower that number by following some rules on how to stay safe while biking on the road. You will need A bike with working brakes A bicycle helmet A pair of bike gloves Sunglasses and […]