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실내 트레이닝을 통한 운동방법!!

Jen Ha This is Jadok Jenha talking about cycling. Today’s story is Winter Indian language for next season. It’s a training method. These days more and more training Indo- The centers a cold winter season that occurs nationwide. Edo good enough to exercise There’s this thing. How much does Indian language training mean? Can I […]

How To Get A Job In The MTB Industry | Mountain Bike Careers

– We’re quite lucky here at GMBN that we’ve been able to turn our passions about mountain biking into our jobs. But how can you do it? And what sort of jobs can you look at getting to make your life all about mountain biking? Well, you’ll be surprised just how many opportunities there are, […]

Hans Rey’s Custom GT Everb | EMBN Pro E-Bike

– This bike belongs to none other than epic adventure rider Hans Rey. The guy is a mountain bike legend and this is his custom GT eVerb. Let’s take a look at this bike in some finer detail. (robotic clicks and zaps) Just take a look at the frame that Hans is using. This is […]

How To Get Sponsored To Ride Your Mountain Bike

– How do you become sponsored? We get asked that question an awful lot and all the presenters here on GMBN, including myself, are former pro riders. – So let us give you a few tips on how to become sponsored and turn your hobby into a job. (theme music) – The first part of […]

Blake Samson Special | Ask GMBN

– Alright, it’s time for Ask GMBN, Blake. – Yes! – We’ve got a special one this week cause we asked on our social media for questions, just for you. – You’ve put me in the deep end. You’ve dumped me in the black. – Loads of our lovely followers on social media and on […]

How To Take Your Mountain Bike Riding To The Next Level

(modern jazz rhythm) – As some of you may know, all of us here at GMBN are former professional mountain bikers. – And to get to that level takes a lot. – Yep, I raced Enduro professional. – I was a Dirt jump slope style rider for ages. – Uh, I raced downhill world cups […]