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Hans Rey’s Custom GT Everb | EMBN Pro E-Bike

– This bike belongs to none other than epic adventure rider Hans Rey. The guy is a mountain bike legend and this is his custom GT eVerb. Let’s take a look at this bike in some finer detail. (robotic clicks and zaps) Just take a look at the frame that Hans is using. This is […]

How To Get Sponsored To Ride Your Mountain Bike

– How do you become sponsored? We get asked that question an awful lot and all the presenters here on GMBN, including myself, are former pro riders. – So let us give you a few tips on how to become sponsored and turn your hobby into a job. (theme music) – The first part of […]

Blake Samson Special | Ask GMBN

– Alright, it’s time for Ask GMBN, Blake. – Yes! – We’ve got a special one this week cause we asked on our social media for questions, just for you. – You’ve put me in the deep end. You’ve dumped me in the black. – Loads of our lovely followers on social media and on […]

How To Take Your Mountain Bike Riding To The Next Level

(modern jazz rhythm) – As some of you may know, all of us here at GMBN are former professional mountain bikers. – And to get to that level takes a lot. – Yep, I raced Enduro professional. – I was a Dirt jump slope style rider for ages. – Uh, I raced downhill world cups […]