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Indoor cycling made cool

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a liar. It takes looonger than one minute. Good news: you can use any smartphone, no special sensors needed. Just install free Ambalco cycling app available for Android and iPhone Just install, just install, just install… and enter your nickname smartphone on the antler measures your speed errr… In real […]

Indoor-Cycling Training für zuhause | Sport-Thieme

Hello. I’m Eva and we’re doing the training session together today on the Kettler Speedbike Before we start, we have to make a few adjustments to the bike We start at the saddle We stand next to the bike and to adjust the saddle we have to adjust it to hip height Loosen the screw […]

Indoor Cycling at Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX

Our Cycling classes here at Fortis & YOGALUX are top notch! 45 minutes of intense ride, built-in by amazing music and amazing instructors. You’re going to see great results taking our LUX Indoor Cycling classes; everything from high calorie burn, to an increased heart rate during the classes, and of course toning your legs. I […]

The Marcy Club Trainer XJ-3220 Excercise Bike

The Marcy XJ-3220 Club Cycle Trainer is the next upgrade to your home fitness center. The Club Trainer cycle helps your burn more calories from fat. Increase your stamina and helps you lose unwanted weight. Target and firm your legs, glutes, and hamstrings while sculpting your entire physique. Increase muscle tendon and ligament strength, bone […]

The Healthy Habit Of Spinning

– I love getting to know so many of your fantastic healthy habits. And I think you’ll agree with me, that we’re on a roll with this next one. (upbeat music) Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others. – Hi my name is Renie. […]

Can Chris Go Pro Again? Zwift Academy Explained!

– The Zwift is both the world’s largest virtual training camp and the global talent identification programme. Last time around, 35,000 people enrolled and now, it’s back for its forth year. Zwift is hoping for over 100,000 riders to enrol in the eight training sessions and four group rides, or races, that must be completed […]

These Twins Are Our Ride-Or-Die Inspiration

(upbeat music) – [Katia] Being a twin, you’re always identified as a unit. – [Jasmine] We’ve experienced every moment in life together. – [Katia] We learned to drive together, you go to school together, you’re in the same class. – [Jasmine] We went through the same hardships as teenagers. – [Katia] We work together, we’re […]

CAR.O.L Stationary HIIT Bike Review [2019]

all right hi guys when I introduce you to a bike a stationary bike called Carol Carol a I because it’s powered by artificial intelligence and it’s a bike that is meant for high-intensity interval training or hip strain as you might have heard and the advantage of this bike is that you can do […]