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AS Fit: Spin Class

What’s up 49ers! Welcome to AS Fit. Today I’m going to be trying out a spin class here at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. For anyone interested, in an effective, low-impact form of cardio, this might be just the thing to put a “spin” on your workout. Let’s go! Sheesh! Riding a bike has […]

How To Spin Gears Like A Pro | Improve Your High Cadence Cycling

– Professional cyclists have experimented with different pedaling techniques for decades. All basically in search of that holy grail that’s going to give them the key advantage over their rivals. – In this video, we are going to show you the tools to be able to raise your cadence but do remember a high cadence […]

Hill Attacks | Indoor Cycle Training Up The Passo Gardena

– Well, hello. This is the Passo Gardena Hill Attack session. I’m a little bit nervous, but let’s give it ago. It’s a beautiful day. Here we go. Well, thanks very much, Matt. This is the Passo Gardena Hill Attack session, taking place, of course, on the Passo Gardena and there is the beautiful climb […]

Step Into Your Power With Fitness Phenomenon Robin Arzon

– [Robin] From the belly of production, there’s a hallway that leads into the studio. I liken it to the pathway that players walk through to get out on to the field. That live element is never lost on us. You’re hosting a show while working out, while engaging with thousands of people. When that […]

How To Set Up Your Indoor Cycling Bike

Hi everyone and welcome to the JLL Training Studio, in this video we’re going to be showing you how to set up your Indoor Cycling Bike. So we’re going to be running through any tips for any beginners who are new their first workout. So the first thing we’re going to want to set up […]

Sunny Health & Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Cycling Bike

Become better with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Indoor Cycling Bank Feel secure as you slide your feet into the adjustable caged pedals and mount the heavy-duty steel frame push yourself to the limit with the bikes easy-to-use tension knob that provides a variety of resistance changes to meet the needs of exercisers at […]

I hate running but I ran on the Peloton Tread

– [Workout Coach] Three, two. (house music) – I have a confession to make. Running has never really been my thing. I never got the so-called runner’s high because when I run, I normally make it, like, two minutes before I have to stop. So, in comes the Peloton, the exercise craze that’s got a […]