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TAILLEFER A VTT – ALPS MTB #1 – freeride, DH – Grenoble, Isère

fuck! we have to climb that? you don’t know that this morning, Fanny hurts her back tying her sholaces and now she’s carrying a 15 kg bike and a 10 kg bag I don’t know… it’s female logic I don’t want to remove the bike hands down yes I see that you’re biking without hand […]

Making The Rounds With The E-Bike Doctor | E-MTBs In The Workplace

– I know what you’re thinking, he’s been overdoing it. However, in between visits from people who have got say diabetes, from heart failure to depression, Rowena, my doctor, also has to go out and about and visit people who are frail or maybe people who are dying. In that respect she has to get […]

Jordan CrashMaster 2019 – MTB CRASHES and WIPEOUTS!

happy new year everyone it’s now 2020 I hope you guys are looking forward to this year as much as I am! Now when I look back at 2019 it’s actually been a really great year for me first of all I was able to demo the Diamondback carbon sync’r hardtail throughout the whole winter […]

Roam Events: Mountain biking for the ADVENTUROUS

Roam Events is an outdoor event management company and we specialize in events that are ideal for a bit of revelry. I’m Ash Bocast and I am the founder of Roam Events. I’m Andi Zolton and I work for Roam Events as the chief sherpa. She’s the muscle. Roam Retreats are typically three-day mountain bike […]

RIDING MY OLD 26″ WILSON AT WHISTLER! | Jordan Boostmaster

oh yeah all right boost bros today we’re taking the Wilson out to Whistler it’s one of the last days that it’s open you guys haven’t forgot about the 26 inch Wilson have you? the last time we took it out was in May when we went to mount Prevost and I scratched the stanchion […]