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Peter Sagan’s S-Works Venge Vias | Tour Down Under 2018

(upbeat music with drums and brass) – So this is the Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS belonging to triple world road race champion Peter Sagan of the Bora-Hansgrohe team. So, starting with the saddle, it’s a Specialized S-Works Romin Evo. It’s the model here with the cutaway in the middle, and it’s got carbon rails, and […]

Best New Cycling Helmets & Shoe Tech From The 2020 Tour Down Under

– Helmets and shoes. Two items of kit which I obsess over the fit and comfort of more than anything when it comes to cycling. And luckily here at the Santos Tour Down Under there are loads of bits of kit lying around. So I can get these grubby hands on them and check out […]

Bob Jungels’ Specialized Tarmac SL6 Disc

(mechanical sounds) – I’m here with the brand new bike of Bob Jungels of Quick-Step Floors. Jungels himself is a very accomplished rider. Two time winner of the Young Rider Classification at the Giro D’Italia, as well as a stage winner there too. This is his brand new specialised S-Works SL6 Tarmac disc bike. (chill […]

An Introduction To The Characteristics Of E Bike Motors | Motor Fundamentals

– Motors on e-bikes, they’re kinda like little personalities each have their own traits and mannerisms, all the while working in way with you like little assistants, helping you pedal up hills you may never have tackled, or go to places you might never have dreamt of going to. Today then, is a guide at […]

Do E-Bikes Narrow The Gap Between Riders Of Different Ages And Weights?

– Are E-Bikes the great leveler? Do they bring equality to the hills and to the woods? On a physical level, do they bring mountain bikers together, or do they split them apart? But more than this, do E-Bikes narrow or widen the gap between riders of different ages, weights and abilities? (soft electronic music) […]

All New 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo | EMBN First Look

(exiting action music) – The essence of adventure engineering with an appetite for the outdoors. Sounds like the perfect advert for the new Turbo Levo, right? Well those are, in fact, words from a specialized advert way back in the 1980s, the first production mountain bike. But here we are, 40 years later, and those […]