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Alpe D’Huez – GCN’s Epic Climbs

You may have recognised this climb. It is one of the legendary climbs of the Alps and of the sport. It’s Alpe D’Huez, with it’s 21 hairpins. Alpe D’Huez. This is it. Kilometre zero. Wish us all the best! One of the most iconic climbs I reckon in the whole of cycling Tom. Yeah, have […]

What Is The Most Efficient Cadence? GCN Does Science

Pedalling speeds or cadence can seem to go in trends, depending on what the current professional riders are doing themselves. If we look back to the Lance Armstrong era, he made high cadences on climbs very popular indeed. But if we look at Jan Ullrich, who won the Tour de France before Lance Armstrong, he […]

How To Set Up And Establish A Breakaway

Setting up a successful breakaway requires a mixture of luck and judgement. You need to judge when you’re with the right combination of riders, and you need that little bit of luck that the bunch won’t bring you back immediately. So how do you set a breakaway up? The first thing to remember is to […]

Top 10 Cycling Excuses – For Climbing

– [Matt] Just ride at one speed, for God’s sake. It must be a social occasion. You’ve got water in your bottle as well. God, I wish I had my aero bike. You know, then the chain came off, and they couldn’t get me footing, then I punctured. It’s a nightmare. And then I fell […]

How To Improve Your Climbing Speed

If you’ve been cycling for some time, or even if you’re just starting out, you might want to work on your climbing to help you keep up with your peers. So, here are a few tips from GCN that will help to improve your climbing speed for that hilly sportive or group ride. Gears There […]

How To Prepare For A Climb

Whatever your physical capabilities, or level of fitness, it’s essential that you prepare yourself adequately before a climb, especially the steep climbs and climbs that last over 10 minutes. First and foremost, you must ensure prior to the ride that the gear ratio you have will suit the terrain. Fortunately, most modern gear setups have […]

Top 10 Climbing Tips – Climb Like A Pro

Top 10 Tips For Climbing Pacing Start a climb at a comfortable pace and then slowly increase it if you can. Riding at an even effort is much faster than if you go too hard and then blow, not to mention being much less painful. Equipment Most new bikes come with compact gears, where the […]

Top 10 Common Cycling Mistakes

Top 10 Basic Cycling Mistakes. Going out without spares or money Your bike is ready, you feel fit, it’s a beautiful day, and you’ve headed out over a lovely route that takes you to places you’ve never been. As you reach the furthest point, on the verge of heading back home, disaster strikes. You suffer […]

How To Improve Your Position On The Bike

If you’re new to cycling, you’ll probably have worked out some, if not all of the basic positions available to you on the bike, but knowing when to use them is a different matter. Here’s our beginners guide to working out the best positions for riding your bike. There are two main fundamental positions available […]

How To Change Gear Like A Pro

Most modern road bikes have between 20 and 22 gears, and changing gear can be as intuitive as pedaling, but are you doing it right? Welcome to GCN’s How To Change Gear Like a Pro. ♪ [music] ♪ To a large extent, how fast you pedal, or your cadence, is self-selected. There is an optimum […]