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all right so I’m just heading down to go and see the team, I’ve just done my training ride just gonna go down and meet them at the finish line and then we’ll get warmed up and ready to go, the race is at three so it’s about 2:30 now so I’m gonna walk over […]

Mind Over Matter? Why Willpower Might Not Be Enough | GCN Show Ep. 351

– In front of a natural break station welcome to the GCN show . (laughing). – Welcome to the GCN show. (crickets chirping) – This week, why you’re not a wuss! Getting cold might not actually be your fault. – We’ve also got our take on the controversy in the World Championships in the under […]

CaraCell – Spin Cycle

When you want me, privately I will summon, all you bleed Can’t forget, once let alone Spilling my guts, onto the floor Taking within, all I never own Picking up, where we want more Connecting to, that which we adorn Pretend so well, still truth is born Always something needed Never all the time Plain […]

Top 8 Night Riding Mistakes | Mountain Bike Skills

– Night riding is one of the most fun things you can do on a mountain bike. There’s something really cool about being out there riding when most folk have their feet up in front of their TV. – However, night riding doesn’t come without issues. Here are some classic mistakes people make when out […]