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Mammut Freeride Film Contest – Winner Weekend

Hello, today I speak French, that’s easier. Thank you for the numerous videos which we have received for the Mammut Freeride Film Contest. Thanks again to Fabian and Damian, who secured the top prize with their film. We spend two days with them in Chamonix. I think they are great, they are not arrogant. It’s […]

Climbing 12 of the Tallest Mountains in the Andes. | Andes 6K+ E1

Think about really remote places. This is what the Andes looks like. And this is where I like to be Huh, what we’re doing here is exploring mountaineering. People think that that doesn’t even exist anymore. My main goal is to climb all the 6000m peaks in the Andes, huh, 104 of them. And huh, […]

Ep. 135: Grand Targhee | Wyoming skiing ski travel

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re heading up skiing at Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming. Come along for the ride! Unlike many RV travelers we actually seek out snow in winter. We spend our winters […]

TUTORIEL : comment choisir la taille de ses skis freestyle et freeride

How to choose the length of your freestyle and freeride skis? Hello, I’m Martin, ski and touring ski expert at Glisshop Today I’m going to help you choose the appropriate length for your freestyle and freeride skis. Just to remind you before we begin, ladies, the construction of your skis is adapted to your shapes […]

Pilsko / Korbielów Freeride Snowboarding 2019

#On the grassy knoll #not so long ago 2019 #I’ll show you where you can ride (secret spot) #moment of reflection… #oh no, I told skiers! #OH NOO!! #I also ride boards (don’t worry I’m ok) #you defiled honor… #Run!!! #make way Marian, make way #If you lost yourself #scream #call me #Don’t bullshit me, […]

Tignes freeride – 6 days in Paradise

I have now been six days skiing and it was good! I told what I had, it was good. I was a week in a fairy tale. I fell on my head… …and survived. Come on guys! How is that jump down there? Big! Even this lower…, this lower part? The lower part is slightly […]