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✅ Modern Technologies That You Wanted To SEE

a wake electric surfboard design with speed in mind the awake avec electric surfboard is capable of leading other boards in its wake that’s mostly due to its patent-pending awake direct drive power train that avoids the power losses of traditional jet based crafts its carbon-fiber body is very hydrodynamic provides control and stability and […]


Already so you understand that it is really cool friends Hi guys and welcome to this new video i am michele then we are all stuck in the house I am now at work more specific but continues to receive packages supplies so I thought let’s spend some time unbox went something together chatting what […]


welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science fun and machines before we begin and subscribe now and don’t miss anything switch by the switch bike is one of the most exciting innovations in transport and my personal favorite it is lightweight fit steer handlebars and has been demonstrated to give your […]

That’s Why Your Phone Doesn’t Work In Crowds

Okeydokie. Have a question for you: What do some French restaurants, the open sea, a small town in West Virginia and your favorite rock band concert have in common? All these are just some of the places where your cellphone won’t work for different reasons. Really! Just check out my list! 1. The open sea […]

New Wahoo Elemnt ROAM Bike Computer | GCN Tech Unboxing

(static electronic noises) – Welcome to another awesome GCN Tech Unboxing. This week we have a really exciting piece of tech to show you. And as ever, with the GCN Tech Unboxing, there is a chance to win. But not one, not two, but thr … Where’s the third? I promise you three lucky viewers […]