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Your E-Bike’s Watts and your Motor’s Performance

I Am Kirby with augustine ebike today I will share with you some Maintenance tips, and some ebike tips there to make your ebike center bike to ride every day. Just the way we do Often times power ratings are misleading the problem Is that manufacturers don’t use the same standards to label their motors […]

15 E-Bikes for On-Road and Off-Road 2018-2019

– [Narrator] Not everyone has the money to shell out on a brand new car every couple of years. For some people, particularly those living in busy cities with busy traffic, it doesn’t even make sense to own a car. E-bikes are one of the latest vehicle market trends, in recent years, and could provide […]

E-Bike Tips. Programming the KT-LCD3 controller computer

I’m Kirby I’m David and then this is our missing bike the Katy LCD three controller computer is one of the most commonly used in the ebike Andy bike conversion market today and for good reason it offers a user a lot of control and flexibility over the functions on their bike it controls 20 […]

How to change a tire on a rear hub e-Bike motor

I’m Kirby I’m David and this is our bikes so today I’ll be changing my rear tire and my 1200 watt ebike I got a flat because my tired worn down significantly over the 4000 miles i put I’d as you can see your e bike tires taking much bigger pounding on a regular bike […]

E-Bike Tips. Troubleshooting failed E-Bike Battery Problems

Hi, I’m kirby with Augustin ebike today I will share with you some Maintenance tips, and some ebike tips there to make your a bike instead of like to ride every day, just the way we do Recently a customer of ours ran into a problem with a battery buddy but from someone else Then […]

How to build an inexpensive e-bike | EASY

I am Kirby with Augustin anybody’s and thanks for watching our YouTube channel today we’re doing video and how to put together an inexpensive ebike so one of the things is I’m sure many of you have done a lot of research realize that ebikes are fairly expensive if you buy a stock brand ebike […]

How to install an e-Bike 1200w, rear hub motor

I’m Kirby I’m David and this is on the scene bikes today I’ll be unboxing and installing the very powerful 1200 watt rear hub motor first I want to make sure that all the parts are here the SW 900 LCD computer the controller throttle and pedal assist and of course the motor in the […]

Review: Stromer ST5 – The New Swiss Super Ebike

Hi. I’m Brett from the New Wheel Electric Bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. And today, I’m in Switzerland. I’m at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen, and I’m here on the production line of the brand new Stromer ST5. I’ve come, here, to Switzerland to test ride the new ST5, take it around the […]

Are Electric Bikes Cheating?

is Riding an electric bike cheating cheating by definition means to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage Especially in a game were test So cheating when cycling would be if a rider in the tour de france crossed the finish line on a motorcycle they would be cheating as Bicep turned […]