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Bike Setup Tips For Smaller Cyclists | Emma’s Bike Fit Guide

(soft music) – I get so many questions from viewers who, like me, are a little bit smaller in stature, asking for advice on how to set up your bikes. In fact, there’s so many questions that I don’t have time to answer them all in the comments and by email. So I hope this […]

Buying your first XC Mountain Bike Size and Geometry

welcome to mountain biking for beginners in this video will be discussing some like geometry or at least some of the basic certainly should be aware of when buying your first bike since you’re just starting off going out and spending a decent amount of time and money on a properly fitted racing bike is […]

SHREK, Les Saisies bike park, France

Small green level trail Perfect for beginners (Well, let’s go) We avoid the Pikachu trail Shreck Trail? (Shreck Trail!) Shreck Trail! Boom! Small green level trail here in Les Saisies Behind Jordan Calmly, cool ride We’re not forced to jump Oh it’s nice! Small rockgarden It’s fun, a small table… there was a sign announcing […]

How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Repair Kit Tips

One good accessory to have with your bike is a small saddle bag or the light container to carry a few important bits them being number one; an extra tube that’s appropriate for the bike you’re riding, pair of tire levers, a patch kit for the unfortunate of having 2 flats in one ride. One […]