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How To Become A Professional Mountain Biker With Blake Samson

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Do you know I get asked this question a hell of a lot. And that is, how do you become pro? How do you do the thing you love the most as a job? Well, you know what, today’s your lucky day. I am going to give you an […]


so much going on here crazy so sick to ride here. everybody is driving so crazy you can basically do whatever you want stairgap the worlds biggest quarter pipe dropping in from up there discovered something this spot is full of all those banks such a paradise drops on drops worlds biggest quarter again that […]

ZWEI STÜRZE im Finale – Red Bull Joyride Crankworx Whistler!

hey guys what’s up welcome to the 2nd joyride video that was Jakub Vencl dropping in, training is about to start 3h session coming up, its pretty windy tho its the day before final and we still have to do a lot of stuff pumped…. you can’t film a serious video around this guy hahah […]

How To Anfänger Mountain Bike / BMX Sprung Bauen

Hey guys whats up my name is Lukas Knopf and today I am going to show you how to build a beginner table dirt jump! a lot of you guys requested this video in the comment section, so I thought I am just going to show you today! I always give you guys a bts […]

Sam Pilgrim’s Custom Haibike Xduro Pro Bike

– A bike spending some rare time with it’s wheels on the ground because it belongs to one of the world’s top freestyle mountain bikers Sam Pilgrim, here’s a quick look at his high bike xDuro 10.0 all-mountain. (upbeat music) Right let’s start off with the heart of the matter. Now Sam rides a size […]

Should FMB Be In The Olympics? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 149

– Ends up being, p-p-pi– Turn that noise down, Mr Ashton. – Okay, here we go. – Turn it down! We got fails, we’ve got bails, and it’s all about trails. – Yeah, we’ve got news, we got views, and now we got youse! – [Martyn and Blake] It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (lively rock […]


hey guys whats up. I guess you are already quite familiar to this look we are going to build a bike today the most requested topic was recently: where is your slope bike?! it was in my garage for half a year. not built up today we are going to set it up again iam […]


Yo Guys whats up!? Iam going to do a quick Bike Check for you. This is the 2017 Modell of the Rose Bikes – The Jester It’s quite compact to provide good handling whilst doing 360’s and Tailwhips, just how I like it to be. The geometry is chosen to not get in trouble with […]