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How to inject slime inner tube sealant into a Presta valve

Hello in this video I will show you an alternate way to get Slime sealant into your Presta valve tube Other youtubers like KriegerKrieg remove the valve lock nut I don’t like to do this because the lock nut threads are mushroomed to prevent it being removed and this could cause you to lose the […]

Tyre slime MTB bike tyre / tire update April 2015

Hi guys Handyclips @ YouTube here just a quick update on the tyre slime Since the tyre slime has been in my tires Thorns have gone into the tyre You can probably just work out that when you pull the thorn out of the tire with the tyre slime inserted inside the tube That basically […]

Slime Self Sealing Bicycle Tube Review – etrailer.com

Today on our road bike, we’ll be reviewing and showing you how to install the Slime self-sealing bicycle tube, part number SLMSTB-970019-10 It comes in a quantity of one, so if you’d like to change both tires, you’ll have to pick up a separate one The Slime self-sealing tube installs just like a regular tube […]