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How To Choose The Proper Helmet: With Geraint Thomas of Team Sky

Yeah, for sure — always wear your helmet You may have seen on our channel recently a video which showed you the enormous choice that pro riders have when it comes to their wheels, and the different types of terrain when they’re racing. But that’s not the only choice they have when it comes to […]

Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

– [Matt] Let’s face it, rules are there to be broken and our beloved sport of cycling is no exception at all. And we’re not talking about UCR regulations here, more the unwritten rules that, on occasion, actually need to be broken so we can all spread our own individual cycling wings. Top 10 cycling […]

NEW SRAM Red eTap Wireless Groupset – GCN’s First Ride

Now, it’s all very well and good looking at new bike components, but to really know what it’s all about, we actually need to ride them. And today is very exciting, because I get to check it out – for the very first time, SRAM’s new Red eTap wireless shifting Now, they’ve changed the way […]

How To Calculate Your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

FTP is a term that you hear a little bit on GCN and it stands for your functional threshold power in this video we’re going to tell you how you can find your FTP or if you don’t have a parameter the equivalent with a heart rate which is your functional threshold heart rate now […]

How To Improve Your Recovery From Training Through Nutrition

Recovery’s arguably the most important part of training you can train as hard as you want But if you don’t recover properly then you won’t improve in fact you could actually get worse Yeah, of course recovery without training isn’t going to get very far either But the key is to find a balance between […]

How To Climb Like Alberto Contador

Alberto – tell us how you climb. You climb in such an explosive way, you ride out of the saddle. Why do you use such a different style than may other riders, like Chris Froome for example? Definitely, always in my life when I started cycling I had the same style. Now, when you are […]

How Much Faster Can You Stop With Disc Brakes?

– [Dan] Disc brakes really divide opinion amongst cyclists. What you’ll generally find is that people who’ve used them will rave about them, whilst those that haven’t will simply say that they’re unnecessary. Now, what we can say is that, given that we’ve ridden and raced on rim brakes for many years, they’re certainly not […]

Top 10 Cycling Insults

– [Matt] As we know, cycling has its own rich lexicon. Words with etymologies built over decades. This expansive vocabulary extends to a wealth of insults too, some of which we have listed here. And they’re just about fit for family viewing. You need to harden up mate. Glass cranker! – [Si] Amateur! – Top […]