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Review: Focus Jam² Electric Trail Bike

I’m Brett from The New Wheel electric bike shop. We are a retailer and service point for electric bicycles in San Francisco and Marin. Today, I’m with the brand new Focus Jam Squared Electric Mountain Bike. This is a bike that we are exceedingly excited about. This is a game-changing electric mountain bike, and so […]

Tyre Tech | Everything You Need To Know About Mountain Bike Tyres

– We often talk about tires being one of the most important parts of a mountain bike. In particular, the tire pressure that you run them at and the tire tread that your particular tires have. Because they can be instrumental in how your bike handles off-road. There can be a lot more to a […]

Should you ride your mountain bike when injured?

About a month ago I had a little crash which caused a little fracture it wasn’t that bad but it kept me off the bike for a while. Now the cast is off sort of and I’m ready to ride . . . maybe I’m out here at Carver Lake in Woodbury, Minnesota This is […]

Ride Steep And Technical Climbs | MTB Skills

– Climbing is always going to be a fitness test to a certain degree. When things get harder, some skills can help you out. Loose, rocky climbs can be really hard work. Momentum is going to be your friend here. So, that means you’re going to pedal hard. But also your skills and good line […]

Making The Rounds With The E-Bike Doctor | E-MTBs In The Workplace

– I know what you’re thinking, he’s been overdoing it. However, in between visits from people who have got say diabetes, from heart failure to depression, Rowena, my doctor, also has to go out and about and visit people who are frail or maybe people who are dying. In that respect she has to get […]

Youtuber ride at Murphy Hanerhan | Mountain Bike Minnesota

What I have to say may shock and astound you. In July I went for a ride with YouTubers Brian and Travis You can go to their channels to see their side of the story but I’m here to tell you want really happened. What are these two really like and what are they hiding? […]