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First shows of 2018 |DMJ Vlog #9

Hi everyone today is the first DMJ Show of 2018 We’re in town called Dobříš I brought my BIKE O’clock buddy Ondra with me I locked him in the trailer Finally… Get out and let’s ride What’s up?! Bikes are ready, my is little dirty Mobile obstacles are cool, cause you can get them out […]


Whats up guys and welcome to a new video! I was injured with a torn ligament, had to work a lot, and couldn’t go biking at all. That’s why there weren’t any videos. In the meantime Insta360 send me their camera, the ONE X. And we’re gonna test it today. It’s quite frozen, gonna be […]

TRIAL on MTB |Sick Series #33

hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series some of you will know the place where we are we are riding our mountainbikes, our Specialized Stumpjumper and today we will see how much trial we can do on a mtb so Elias will start with an easy line now 360 wait a little bit just do […]

GERMANY’S ROUGHEST Downhilltrack!!?! – Big Crash | TOTAL MADNESS

What’s up guys, we are in Bad Wildbad today… the Park is closing soon. Hello Bike-friends, we are a little late today. So we’re going to ride every trail only once. This means the lines will be chaotic, but the entertainment value is going to be high. It’s disastrous here, if you don’t know any […]


so much going on here crazy so sick to ride here. everybody is driving so crazy you can basically do whatever you want stairgap the worlds biggest quarter pipe dropping in from up there discovered something this spot is full of all those banks such a paradise drops on drops worlds biggest quarter again that […]

DESTROYING WHEELS – BRAAP OFF Championships in Schladming!

Welcome to a new video from Schladming, the lifts are closed and we are gonna do a little roost challenge now. You didn’t understand how it works. I got some secret tips. First contestant is coming, kilian aka 69. Little statement? – “Sick!”. Yooo, i broke my rim! There’s nothing more to add. There you […]

Caught speeding on a bicycle? Is it possible? |SickSeries#48

Hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series back after my collarbone injury with the second episode – and it´s gonna be quite interesting we thought about something pretty special Is it possible to be caught in a speed trap? is it possible? As kid I always wanted to know if it´s possible and in this […]

Best Thursday of my Life! |SickSeries#17

Hello guy´s, it´s me, Fabio and today is gonna be a special episode Sick Series #17 will not be like all the others Hello guy´s, it´s me, Fabio and today is gonna be a special episode Sick Series #17 will not be a normal episode – it´s gonna be different anyway, I´m holding my POC […]