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Eco Or Turbo? | Which Power Setting Should You Use On Your E-Bike?

– One of the main fears of e-mountain bikers, or indeed anybody thinking about buying an e-mountain bike is actually battery range. How much you can actually get in terms of distance from that little unit just down by there. It’s effected by so many things. None more so than mode, or level of assist, […]

The Mountain Bike Dictionary | 9 Things MTBers Say

(dirt scraping) – Welcome back you beautiful people. Now today we’re going to be exploring the linguistics of mountain biking. Yes, the language that has been somewhat developed over the years through the mountain bike community. Now, kick it off with the first one, Richard. – That’s quite right, Blake. Today we’re going to be […]

E Bike Vs Uplift | Which Is Faster In The Bike Park?

– Today we’re at Revolution Bike Park, home to some of the finest trails here in the UK. Now, if you’re riding a standard mountain bike here, you got one option to get to the top of that massive hill, and that is the uplift. But we’ve got special permission today to go against the […]

All-new 2020 Canyon Strive CFR LTD | First Look & Ride With Fabien Barel

– Well, it’s all about racing here today on GMBN. We’re in the South of France with the Canyon Factory Race Team. And we’ll be taking a look at the Strive CFR. Now, if you recall in 2019 Canyon featured quite prominently in the Enduro World Series with top five placings in both the men […]

Ted Talks Fat Biking | How To Cycle In The Snow

[music] Jeremy: In an effort to convince you that riding in cold, snowy, generally unrideable cycling conditions, I knew I was going to need to pull out all the stops. So I was thinking of a guy that has raced at the pro tour level, that led out some of the biggest riders in the […]

Freeride & Downhill E Biking At Revolution Bike Park | Riding With Adam Brayton

– The whole E-bike scene has changed massively over the last couple of years. The riders, the bikes is all seeing massive change. Got riders coming from downhill, got riders coming from cross-country, they’re all embracing the E-bike love. Well we’re here today at Revolution Bike Park to meet up with one of the heavy […]

Fails and Bails of the Year 2019

– Merry Christmas everyone, from a few, few days ago! I got some great goodies from family and friends, yes! Welcome to this months fails and bails, it is December, it’s nearly the end of the year, we’ve basically gone through a whole year of biking, crash or no crash. Some of us come out […]

Talking Freeride With Blake Samson & Chris Smith | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 23

– Hello and welcome to the GMBN podcast. This week we’re going to be talking about freeride, the current state of it, where the sport is heading and who better to guide us through this conversation than our two very own freeride aficionados, Blake Samson and Chris Smith. How we doing guys? – All good […]