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Don’t Wear Underwear On A Bike Ride And Other Beginner Cycling Tips

– If you’re new to cycling and you didn’t know you need to go commando or you’re just looking for some useful tips then this is the video for you. – Coming up are our lists of cycling truths about the cycling world. An undervest is a crucial item of kit for almost all occasions […]

EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)

in the last episode of this video series I showed you how to create your own sensored ESC in order to power an electric bike wheel with low voltages but since the achieved rotation speed was too slow and not many people want to create their own ESC for an E-bike conversion let’s rather switch […]

How to Buy Cyclist Clothing : Buy the Right Shorts for Biking

When we’re looking for traditional cycling short just like with baggy shorts the first thing you want to look for is a high quality shammy that’s comfortable and offers acacia wood features. Here we see that we got multi multi density padding really good stitching that’s flat lock stitching so it doesn’t chafe. We see […]

Bike Setup Tips For Smaller Cyclists | Emma’s Bike Fit Guide

(soft music) – I get so many questions from viewers who, like me, are a little bit smaller in stature, asking for advice on how to set up your bikes. In fact, there’s so many questions that I don’t have time to answer them all in the comments and by email. So I hope this […]

Long Suspension Travel E-Bikes: Can They Do It All? | Ask EMBN

– How much suspension travel, how waterproof are e-bikes, and how much weight can an e-bike take? – All these questions answered in this week’s “Ask EMBN”. (digital sound) – Okay, let’s dial in. Let’s go. – Okay, we’ve got this one from Brendan A.G. – Let’s go. Sorry. – #AskEMBN, “How much difference in […]

How to Buy Cyclist Clothing : How to Buy Bike Shorts

When we’re looking for a traditional cycling short. Just like with baggy shorts, the first thing that we want to look for is a high quality Chamois that’s comfortable and offers a myriad of features. Here we see that we’ve got multi-density padding. Really good stitching, that’s flat locked stitching so that it doesn’t chaff. […]

Mountain Bike Set Up Explained: Handlebars, Stems And Seatposts

– Whilst there are many different types of mountain bikes designed for different types of riding, the components you choose to put on your bike actually make a big difference to how that bike rides. So, in this video we’ll take a look at tailoring your bike to you, the type of riding you do, […]