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6 of the best MTB Flat Shoes – 2020 | CRC |

If you’re riding flat out but don’t like clipping in, you’ll need some trail-grade MTB flat shoes to keep you anchored to the bike. Flat-soled mountain bike shoes are specially designed for glue-like control no matter how hairy things get. And while they don’t physically snap into your pedals in the same way as a […]

Personalised & Lightweight Pro Cycling Tech From The Giro d’Italia 2019

– I’m here at the Giro d’Italia, and it’s time to go and find some of the lightweight and custom tech on the rider’s bikes. Let’s go and have a look. Right, I’ve just happened to bump into Alexander Vinokourov of the Astana team, and he has got, probably the most bling pair of shoes […]

Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Motorcycle Shoe Review – ChampionHelmets.com

The Dainese Dover Gore-Tex are offering you protection, style, and lot more, so let’s take a closer look. The Dainese Dover Gore-Tex are meant to be offering urban sneaker looks with the sophistication of leather and utility of Gore-Tex. These boots, with CE rated armor, will also keep you safe on our bike and will […]

Nike Running Shoes Banned Forever!? | The GTN Show Ep. 130

– Welcome to the GTN Show brought to you by AMP Human and this week from the Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura is we’re getting a load of content for you guys out there. But we’ve got a lot of news this week, including, a pretty big announcement from GTN. What was it again, Heather? – […]

How To Replace Clip In Pedal Cleats And Set Up New Cycling Shoes

– Cycling shoes and cleats. The chances are, if you ride a bike, at some point you’re going to need to replace one or the other. If it’s your cleats you’re replacing on a current pair of shoes, that’s really easy. You simply draw around the cleat on the shoe and attach the new cleat […]

The Best New & Custom Tech Of The Tour de France 2019

– As I record this, we are on the eve of the Tour de France which is of course the biggest bike race in the world. And as such, for the last few days, myself and Oli have been going geering the teams in search of the best, the newest and the most custom tech. […]

Best New Cycling Helmets & Shoe Tech From The 2020 Tour Down Under

– Helmets and shoes. Two items of kit which I obsess over the fit and comfort of more than anything when it comes to cycling. And luckily here at the Santos Tour Down Under there are loads of bits of kit lying around. So I can get these grubby hands on them and check out […]

New Fizik Mountain Bike Shoes | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Today we’re going to be unboxing some fine, topline Italian footwear from Fizik. It’s a new off-road range for the company and be sure to watch until the end to find out how you can win a set of your very own. (upbeat music) We have three different models with us here and they […]

What Shoes Should You wear? | Winter Vs. Summer Shoes For Mountain Biking

– One of the coolest things about mountain bikes is you can ride them pretty much anywhere and in any conditions, although to enjoy them best sometimes the gear you wear really enhances that enjoyment. – Yeah, waterproof clothing, base layers, all that stuff, everyone’s familiar with all that in the out door environment, but […]