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Best New Cycling Helmets & Shoe Tech From The 2020 Tour Down Under

– Helmets and shoes. Two items of kit which I obsess over the fit and comfort of more than anything when it comes to cycling. And luckily here at the Santos Tour Down Under there are loads of bits of kit lying around. So I can get these grubby hands on them and check out […]

How do I know Buying spin bike shoes

Hi, this is David from Bruces Cycle works. And today we’re gonna talk about spin class shoes For those you in winter who are looking to stay on your bike a bit; some of you joining a spin class When you go to the gym, you’re gonna hop on a bike. You may see something […]

Are E-Bikes 100% Waterproof? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Welcome to ask EMBN and today we’re going to be talking about water resistance, travel, pedals, and much much more. (logo whirring) Now, the first question is from Topsey Kretts. Topsey’s asking, Sorry I don’t know much about e-bikes, as I’m just thinking about getting into it. Anyway, are e-bikes waterproof or just water […]

How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Pedal Shoe Tips & Advice

Shoes that go with pedal systems for today’s bikes kind of are an important choice to make depending on the use you want to use. People commuting and who are going on more recreational rides where they may be mounting and dismounting, would probably prefer a shoe that is a recessed cleat. In other words, […]

How to Use Bicycle Accessories : Guide to Buying Mountain Bike Shoes

JEFF COOK: Hello, and I am Jeff Cook from All Seasons Sports, here today to talk to you about some of the latest and greatest and some of the coolest stuff for bikes on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk about mountain bike shoes. This can be a wonderful upgrade to something […]

Mountain Bike Maintenance : Types of Mountain Bike Shoes

MICKEY DENONCOURT: You can choose different types of shoes for different types of writing styles and different writing conditions like weather, humidity, and stuff like that. I’ve got three different shoes right here, which are all for a different conditions and they don’t even begin to cover the spectrum. This shoe is designed for heavy […]