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Top 10 Cycling Fashion Disasters

– [Man 1] GCN’s top 10 cycling fashion disasters. In at number 10, Ryder Hesjedal’s sunglasses. Now the 2013 Tour de France wasn’t perhaps the most exciting from a racing perspective, which could be why the gaze of many spectators averted to what Ryder Hesjedal was spotting around his face. Now the sunglasses in question […]

10 Standout Cycling Moments Of 2018

– Coming up, the best moments of the 2018 pro cycling season. (boom) (whoosh) (energetic music) At the start of 2018, Pete Sagan had won over 100 professional cycling races, but only one of those was a monument. The 2016 Tour of Flanders. However, he doubled that tally in April by winning Paris-Roubaix and didn’t […]

11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Zwift

(dramatic music) – There were so many amazing features on Zwift, are you sure you know the best ones? – Yeah, whether you’re new to Zwift or a seasoned veteran, here are 11 things you’d wished you’d known about Zwift. (upbeat music) – Zwift can seem like a pretty big place, so how do you […]

7 Mountain Bike Pranks To Mess With Your Mates

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. Well, today’s all about hanging out with your mates on the trail. – It is, but are we mates? – Of course we are, Richard. – Hmm. – We are mates. – Yeah. – Well, there’s a few ways to antagonize each other. – I think we should go […]

11 Pro Cycling Team Kits You Should Know For 2017

– [Narrator] The New Year is a wonderful time for cycling fans. January the 1st is the time that the pro teams and riders can start showing off their bling new kit. While some teams shy away from making too many changes, we’ve also got plenty of brand new teams to cast our sartorial eye […]

Top 9 Bike Tech Innovations That Changed Cycling History

Speaker: Bikes have evolved constantly over the years and are almost unrecognizable from the velocipedes of the Victorian era. What are the bike paths that have had the biggest impact on cycling? What are the parts that have changed cycling for the better? In this video is our top list of the most important bike […]

Top 8 Tips To Conquer Cobbled Climbs

Speaker 1: The cobbled climbs of Belgium is cycling history. They are super steep, short, punchy and well, they’re covered in brutal cobbles. The pros can make them look easy, but they can be notoriously difficult to ride. We thought we’d come up with some top tips to help you conquer those cobbled climbs like […]

Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

– [Matt] Let’s face it, rules are there to be broken and our beloved sport of cycling is no exception at all. And we’re not talking about UCR regulations here, more the unwritten rules that, on occasion, actually need to be broken so we can all spread our own individual cycling wings. Top 10 cycling […]