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Choosing A Women’s Bike Saddle | Which Bike Saddle For Triathlon?

– Bigger isn’t necessarily better and that certainly is true for choosing the right bike saddle. It is easy to think that the wider, the softer the saddle, the more comfortable it will be, but actually there’s far more to choosing the right saddle for you and I know that it does come down to […]

Modification for gixxer | best bike seat modification like sport bike look|

Modification for gixxer LIKE, SHARE & DONT FORGOT FOR SUBSCRIBE Bike seat modification SUBSCRIBE Old seat First work Let’s start Give the comfort I hope u like my video Giving the shape like pro 😉 Do the like and massage me for qstn Cushion for back seat Hand craft for good look Hand made leather […]

How To Choose A Bike Saddle For Triathlon

– This saddle is one of three contact points between the bike and yourself and it takes a considerable amount of your body weight. So it’s hardly surprising to hear so many complaints about saddles and the discomfort people experience from them. And to make things worse, in triathlon we like to use aero bars […]

Polisport boodie raleigh avenir plus child kids seat kona ute cargo bike

The Polisport “Boodie” is practically the same as the Raleigh “Avenir” The 8mm rod follows the line of the original rod and is firmly clamped down – I bought mine from SCREWFIX (or Tool Station) The 8mm rod might be superfluous if all you do is crop the existing hoop down The tie-down loops over […]

Fitting a Bicycle to You : Fitting a Road Bike to You

Traditional road fitting is going to afford the buyer a lot more choices in that frames are made in much smaller increments between each model in traditional frames. You don’t just have a small, a medium, a large, and an extra large. You actually have sizes that are going to range, in most cases, in […]

Arkel Randonneur On And Off The Bike In Seconds

Arkel’s Randonneur seat post rack is strong, light, stable, carbon fiber friendly and goes on and off in seconds. A quick release bracket firmly attaches to both sides of the seat rails, forming rock-solid attachment points. The front of the rack gently envelopes the seat post with a soft rubberized clamp that is secured with […]

How To Set Up Your Cross Country Bike | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Cross country bikes are built for all out speed, long distance pedaling and maximum efficiency. In this video we’re gonna run you through how you can set up to ensure that when you’re in the saddle all day, it’s gonna be as comfortable as possible. Cross country bikes are really designed to be fast […]

JLL® JF100 Upright Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Once your box has arrived use a pair of scissors to remove the banding and tape. Open your box and remove all the parts, make sure to check all of the polystyrene before you throwing anything away. Check the parts against your manual to make sure you are not missing any items. Start by attaching […]