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Top 5 Most Wanted Mountain Bike Tech Of 2017

– Whilst 2017 hasn’t seen revolutionary tech being launched, there have been a number of things to make it easier for you as a rider. In this video, we’re going have a look at the most wanted tech of 2017. (jazzy music) Okay, so the first one that I want to talk about is this […]

5 Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Videos EPIC

– This is how, to shoot your own edit. There’s a few things, I can go into so much about shooting your own edit, because I’ve done so many, but it’s location, being different, having crazy angles, fast, and sun. Which we haven’t got, but we’re going to work with it. (upbeat music) All right, […]

Go Mountain Biking With Friends Or Ride Alone? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 107

– We have got a ram packed week this week. We’ve got a competition, we’ve got all the regulars and we’re asking a big question. – Which is? – Should you go it alone, or should ride with everybody? – I’m going to say ride with everybody, because sharing is caring. – Well, it’s a […]

How To Stop Crashing On Your MTB! | Mountain Bike Skills

– We all fall off our bikes occasionally. You guys send in your videos of fails and bails in the dirt shed show. But today, we’re gonna look at how to avoid the most common reasons for falling off your bike. (electronic music) Over the bars, probably the most spectacular of all crashes can be […]

Top 10 Most Successful Road Bikes Of 2016 – GCN’s World Tour Of Bikes

– [Dan] The 2016 racing season is but a distant memory, but we have now had time to reflect on what was an incredible 2016 in the World Tour. Matt Hayman’s incredible win at Paris-Roubaix. Steven Kruijswijk coming incredibly close, agonizingly close to a win at the Giro d’Italia, and Peter Sagan performing amazingly well […]

How To Manual On A Mountain Bike Trail | Mountain Bike Skills

– Right, the manuals are a great tool to have in your arsenal. Bar jumpin’ or bunny hoppin’. The manual can help you out in sticky situations. Even make you faster out on the trail. Here are a few of my top examples of where to use the manual out on the trail. Woohoo, pedalin’! […]

How To Buy A Mountain Bike – 5 Tips To Get The Right MTB For You

– Buying a new mountain bike is really exciting but with so many different disciplines out there and different types of bike, it can be a choice that you could get wrong. – We’ve worked in bike shops, we’ve been pro racers, we’ve been mechanics so with all that experience we are gonna give you […]

The New Scott E Genius | GMBN’s First Ride

– SCOTT recently redesigned their very popular and versatile trail bike the Genius and this is the brand new E Genius. Let’s take a first look. (calm instrumental music) So the brand new Genius had a full new design, full new frame layout. If you see the E Genius looks very similar. So this shock […]