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Jeanie writes “Should I get mid-drive or hub drive electric bike?”

♪ [music] ♪ Jeanie, from Mount Shasta, writes, “Dear The New Wheel, I live on a steep hill. Should I get a mid-drive or rear-hub drive E-bike? Sincerely, Jeanie.” Jeanie, it really depends on just how steep your hill is. Both types of bikes can do an excellent job for you. Rear-hub drives have a […]

Tern GSD in 1-Minute

So the GSD is only 180 centimeters long, about 5’10”, which, if you look at it, is the same size as virtually every other city bike or electric bike on the market. And we’re also one of the first companies to market with the dual battery Bosch system. With double batteries you get an effective […]

Review: Riese & Muller Load & Packster Bosch Electric Cargo Bikes

– [Brett] Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. We have never sold a front-loading cargo bike before, and it’s because we haven’t really found any that really work in a really hilly place like the San Francisco Bay area. That all changes with the Riese & […]

Electric Bike tips. RIDING IN TRAFFIC, when you can ride as fast as a car!

no matter where you live if you travel by bike you’ll be facing with any number of traffic situations urban suburban or rural and they all have their own challenges because of advancements in battery and motor technology ebike speeds and range are getting faster and longer the Tesla has a range of a hundred […]

Review: Kalkhoff Integrale S11 Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Brett from The New Wheel in San Francisco we are an electric bike speciality shop and today I’m with the Kalkhoff Integrale a brand new bike from Kalkhoff this bike brings together a large capacity battery, a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internally geared hub and gates carbon belt drive to make one of […]

Uber for Bikes Could Save Your Commute

– It’s a cool bike, right? Let’s steal it. (upbeat music) So even though this isn’t my bike, I can legally and easily take it or any of the other 249 just like it roaming around San Francisco. It’s part of a system called Uber Bike, and it’s Uber for bikes. Bike-sharing used to be […]

Review: Focus Bold² Electric Hardtail Bike

Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel Electric Bike Shop in San Francisco in Marin County. And I’m here today with the Focus Bold Squared hardtail mountain bike. This is the new hardtail in the Focus Squared product line. It’s built on the same platform as the Jam Squared and the Sam Squared, but it […]

Review: Riese & Muller Nevo Bosch Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Karen at The New Wheel, and I’m here today with Riese & Müller’s Nevo. This is one serious step-through bike. Riese & Müller has a deep history in engineering, and they’ve reimagined this category to create the flagship step-through bike in their lineup. Today in this video, I’m going to talk about some […]

Review: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Hi I’m Brett from The New Wheel in San Francisco. Today I’d like to talk to you about Bionx. Bionx is a conversion kit that you can add to your existing bike. to make it electric. It’s the only conversion kit that we sell here at the shop because it’s really the most reliable and […]