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Bike Talk – Cannondale Factory Racing prototype Downhill bike | SHIMANO

My name is Tom Duncan. I’m the mechanic for Cannondale Factory Racing. These are our bikes. We’ve got a race bike which is that one. And then this one is a practice bike. We’ve got them setup differently to show how versatile this bike is. The black carbon parts are identical on both bikes… …but […]

Brett Rheeder – This is Home | SHIMANO

(suspenseful music) (click) (bright music) – [Narrator] Despite having the opportunity to travel across the globe, there’s still something that keeps pulling me back. I know it’s not the flat farm fields, but when I’m back in Ontario, the pressures of the year seem to melt away. There’s no crowds, no stress, this is home. […]

How to Bleed Shimano Disc Brakes – Mountain Bike Maintenance

There are some occasions where you’re going to need to bleed your brakes. Maybe you’ve changed the hose and shortened it, sometimes your brakes start to feel spongy, or just a bit of annual maintenance. So this is how to bleed a Shimano brake. You will need brake fluid, mineral oil for Shimano brakes, other […]