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A Guide To Bike Lights | How To Choose Lights For Road Cycling

– You’re going to be riding in the dark, you need lights. But which lights do you need? I mean, there’s loads of different types out there, varying from just a few pounds or dollars right up to hundreds of your respective currency. So in this video, I’m going to explain all the different types […]

Bike Maintenance 101 – how to adjust your handlebars

Hi, I’m Rob and I’m here to show you how to adjust your handle bars and your brakes to make your bike more comfortable for you. To do this you’re going to need an allen key. To adjust your handle bars, loosen off the stem bolts, which are just here at the front of the […]

4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

– If you’re wanting to get going on your bike, and there’s a few really basic skills that you’re going to want to cover. – Today we’re going to stick to just the basics, so if you are starting out in cycling for the first time, then this is the video for you. (upbeat music) […]

The Next Step For Bike Helmet Safety?

(bang) – I’m glad that wasn’t my head. (intro sound) I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out here to the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the collaboration between Volvo and POC. They will, for the first time ever, test exactly what happens in a collision, between a car and a bike. […]

Koroyd Helmet Safety Initiative

True innovation, New technologies, new materials. It brings us further day after day our bikes are more technologically advanced and aerodynamic than ever before. We’ve never pushed harder or gone faster but what about your first line of defense? Is your helmet today protecting any better than 20 years ago? One accident can have life-changing […]

Top 5 Motocross Helmets Under $300

– What’s up guys, I’m Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATV, MC. Coming at you with our Top 5 helmets under $300. So in this video today, we’re going to focus on our Top 5 helmets. What we feel are the best helmets coming in under $300. Obviously your helmet’s your most important piece of […]